National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day
January 2, 2023

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National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day is celebrated across the USA.


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National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day is celebrated to cherish the delicious combination of cherries and chocolate.

Chocolate and cherry not only taste delicious but are also a visual sugar treat for the eyes since they look great with a contrast of cherry red and dark chocolate color. Chocolate-covered cherries are loved by kids, adults, elders, and even a few pets!

Where is National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day celebrated?  

It is typically celebrated by the United States of America and by many people across the world who know about this day. 

Who is National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day celebrated by?

It is celebrated by kids, adults, and families.  

When did National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day first start?

It has origins dating back to 1929 but was adopted as a national day to be celebrated much later. National Covered Cherry Day is celebrate on January 3 every year.

Who started National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day?

It was started by Cella, Queen Anne’s, and Brach’s who manufactured cherry cordials for the Americans.

History And Timeline

The history of cherries dates back to the 1600s when the Europeans were fond of red cherries. They made some money by exporting cherries via the Atlantic Ocean to reach America. Now there are several cherries that are native to America but the origin of cherries is attributed to Turkey. It is also believed that cherries are the oldest cultivation by humans.


Introducing Cherry With Flavours

An immigrant from Italy named Angelo Cella arrived in America. He was a confectioner and decided to introduce the cherry cordials to the native Americans. He began making new recipes of cherry cordials with sour cherries and sweet cherries and covered cherries with chocolate, sugar syrup, and caramel sauce to enhance the flavor.


The First Cherry Chocolate

The Italian chef Cella became the first confectioner who manufactured chocolate-covered cherries on a commercial level in New York City. Chocolate-covered cherries were sold on a large scale and received a sweet response.


Chocolate Covered Cherry Rivals

In Chicago, another rival confectioner introduced their cherry cordial and manufactured it on a commercial level. They were known as Queen Anne’s cordial cherry. The recipe was slightly different. But chocolate-covered cherries became the center of attention. Soon this turned into rivalry as both cherry cordials started receiving attention from the Americans.


Cherry Cordials Become Famous

The recognition from a brand name made cherry cordials famous. Tootsie Roll Industries, Incorporate decided to purchase Cella’s confections. Thus chocolate-covered cherries were then sold under the brand name 'Cella'. His name received a huge appreciation and the cherries covered with chocolate became a popular sweet dish.

Chocolate-covered cherry makes for a delicious treat for anyone.

Traditions And Customs

Dip the cherries, cover them with chocolate and enjoy the sweet combined taste of cherry and chocolate! And if you want this day to be more frequent you can plant a cherry tree in your garden and have cherries covered with chocolate all year long!

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day

Now that you know the background and significance of this food, you can celebrate National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day with your friends and family. You can either prepare the chocolate-covered cherries at home or pick them up from a store. The best way to celebrate is to have cherries soaked in sugar syrup and then have a chocolate ganache in a bowl. 

Facts And Stats

  • On this day you should know the origin of cherry cordials which were referred to as food and drinks that had alcoholic properties.
  • While you pop some cherry cordials on this day remember the medicinal properties of cordials in certain quantities.
  • Millions of Americans celebrate this day by having cherry cordials which are chocolate-covered cherries, an evolved version of the cordials found earlier.

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When Is This Day Celebrated


January 2, 2020


January 2, 2021


January 2, 2022


January 2, 2023


January 2, 2024


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