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National Chocolate Covered Insects Day

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Where is National Chocolate Covered Insects Day celebrated?

National Chocolate Covered Insects Day is celebrated mainly in the United States. However, the people of other parts of the world, who like to eat insects and worms, also celebrate this day.

Who is National Chocolate Covered Insects Day celebrated by?

All the insect eaters who have a sweet tooth celebrate this day by indulging in edible bugs and insects.

When did National Chocolate Covered Insects Day first start?

The history of National Chocolate Covered Insects Day is not known to us. It is celebrated annually on October 14.

Who started National Chocolate Covered Insects Day?

We do not know who came up with this celebration. Perhaps an insect lover!

Chocolate-covered insects are popular treats for people in many Asian countries.

History And Timeline

The origins of this day are a mystery to us. But there are some fascinating historical events related to National Chocolate Covered Insects Day. Let's dig into these!

80,000 years ago

Our Ancestors Ate Insects

Hunter-gatherers ate insects and worms to survive.

Eighth Century BC

Ancient Romans Cherished Insects

Insects were eaten by the ancient Romans and the Greeks.

Mid-19th century

Insects Eaten By American Indians

Major Howard Egan discovered American Indians eating locusts, grasshoppers, and other insects.


Bug Appétit

With the opening of this cafe in New Orleans, people get the chance to try out some of the popular edible insects along with some potato chips.


EU Accepts Grubs

Under a novel food regulation, the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) accepts grubs and other edible insects to be eaten as food.

Traditions And Customs

Although no specific traditions are followed on this day, many people try eating insects or worms covered in chocolate for the first time. Numerous videos of this unique delicacy get streamed on social media. While these do get a lot of 'gross' comments, one cannot deny that thousands of people think about tasting or eating insects once in their lifetime.

Ways To Celebrate National Chocolate Covered Insects Day

You can celebrate this day by eating candy insects or edible insects from the various candy stores. Or, if you want to try eating insects or worms dipped in chocolate, you can hit some of the popular Asian restaurants where they serve delicious food made of worms and insects. This is the perfect day to taste this weird dish.

You can always get inspiration from the videos on the internet where you can watch the natives of Southern Africa indulge in caterpillars or Asians enjoying lollipops made of insects along with their meals and veggies.

Facts And Stats

  • On National Chocolate-Covered Insects day, people gather in Oaxaca, Mexico, to enjoy chapulines, fried grasshoppers dipped in chocolate, sold by local ladies.
  • Several organizations encourage people to eat real insects on this day so that humans become ready to survive in famines or during food shortages.
  • Apart from National Chocolate Covered Insects Day, October 14 is also celebrated as World Standards Day, World Egg Day, Be Bald, And Be Fee Day, and National Dessert Day.


FAQs About National Chocolate Covered Insects Day

What country eats chocolate-covered crickets?

In some Asian countries, like Thailand and China, people indulge in chocolate-covered crickets.

Would you eat chocolate-covered bugs?

Atlast they are bugs, part of the Arthropoda kingdom, including prawns and crabs. So if these are eaten as delectable kinds of seafood, why not bugs? And that too, chocolate-covered bugs. Plus, they are a rich source of protein. A small bug dipped in chocolate won't bug your digestive system. So it's worth a try!

What country eats chocolate-covered ants?

The Silveiras in Brazil are fond of ants. They love to collect winged queen ants and remove their wings before deep frying them or dipping these in liquid chocolate.

Are chocolate-covered crickets good for you?

Crickets are power-packed with nutrients including protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. You'll also get the delicious taste and goodness of chocolate from chocolate-covered crickets.

What are some events related to National Chocolate Insects Day?

National Chocolate Insects Day is celebrated annually on October 14, when people indulge their tastebuds in this weird delicacy. Many restaurants, especially Asian countries, come up with exclusive insects covered in chocolate dishes.

What is the importance of celebrating National Chocolate Covered Insects Day?

Apart from tasting insects dipped in chocolate, this day also observes the diverse animal kingdom around us, where all the animals benefit from each other through the food chain. The immense contribution of worms, spiders, birds, and other organisms of the world is recognized on this day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 14, 2020 Wednesday
October 14, 2021 Thursday
October 14, 2022 Friday
October 14, 2023 Saturday
October 14, 2024 Monday

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