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National Chocolate Day

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Where is National Chocolate Day celebrated? 

National Chocolate Day is celebrated in the United States of America.

Who is National Chocolate Day celebrated by?  

The United States Of America citizens, adults, and children celebrate this day for chocolate lovers. Cacao seeds, which grow on cacao trees in the tropics, are used to make pure chocolate.

When did National Chocolate Day first start?

The National Chocolate Day started in 2009. Chocolates were initially introduced to Europe in the 16th century, and it was in 1550 when they arrived on the continent. Chocolate has gone a long way from being simply a drink to where it is now, yet it is still as delicious as it was before it was transformed.

Who started National Chocolate Day?

National Chocolate Day does not call for a holiday in the United States but is celebrated by all chocolate lovers. The National Confectioners Association was the one who came up with the idea of creating National Chocolate Day.

Cacao tree is used to produce cocoa mass for pure chocolate and cacao nibs.

History and Timeline

National Chocolate Day celebrates this journey of chocolates. There are many different types of chocolates for chocolate lovers to enjoy on this day, such as white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate. National Chocolate Day is one of the best days for chocolate lovers in the USA.

450 BC

Chocolate In Mesoamerica

Fermented beverages made from chocolate date developed.

16th Century

Chocolate Comes To Europe

In the 1500s, Spanish travelers took dark chocolate to Europe and added honey and sugar to sweeten the bitter taste.

17th Century

Invention Of Milk Chocolate

Milk is added to dark chocolate in Jamaica to create milk chocolate.

19th-20th Century

American Chocolate Companies Arrive

Chocolate companies started setting up operations in the USA.

21st Century

National Chocolate Day Started

National Chocolate Day is celebrated across the USA with full enthusiasm.

Traditions And Customs

On National Chocolate Day, people in the USA celebrate chocolates. Different types of chocolate, such as white chocolate, milk chocolate, sweet chocolate, and dark chocolate, are used to make cakes, biscuits, and salads. Chocolate-based food items are bought, and the day is typically celebrated with family and friends at home. 

Ways To Celebrate National Chocolate Day

The chocolate taste is unquestionably a favorite all across the world. Cakes, breakfast cereals, toppings, desserts, sweets, ice creams, and various other foods are all flavored with it. Given its popularity, it is undoubtedly deserving of a special day. World Chocolate Day can be celebrated by making dark chocolate using cocoa beans at home itself. You can also create chocolate jars and other types of chocolate cakes with chocolate butter at home to celebrate this special occasion of National Chocolate Day. Chocolate can be used alongside milk powder to serve children as well. 

Facts And Stats 

  • Chocolate is celebrated on National Chocolate Day, which emphasizes its health advantages.
  • National Chocolate Day, which takes place on October 28, is a tribute to humanity's greatest culinary accomplishment. Even the most opulent desserts may benefit from the addition of chocolate.
  • It is not clear who exactly founded National Chocolate Day or was first observed as a celebration.

FAQs About National Chocolate Day

Is November 29 National Chocolate Day?

No, October 28 is National Chocolate Day.

Why is Chocolate Day on July 7?

July 7 is celebrated as World Chocolate Day.

When is national chocolate week?

National Chocolate Week is from October 16 to October 20.

Is there a World Chocolate Day?

Yes, World Chocolate Day is celebrated on July 7 every year.

Why do we celebrate National Chocolate Day?

Chocolate Day was initially put up to celebrate the arrival of chocolate in Europe. It is a day celebrated by chocolate lovers to showcase their love for chocolate. 

What do we do on National Chocolate Day?

In this celebration, people buy chocolates and make chocolate-based foods at their homes. 

When was National Chocolate Day in 2021?

Thursday, October 28, was celebrated as National Chocolate Day.

What are the origins of National Chocolate Day?

The origins of National Chocolate Day are not clear, but the National Confectioners Association created it.

In which countries do they celebrate National Chocolate Day?

The event occurring on October 28 is celebrated mainly in the USA; however, Chocolate Day on July 7 is celebrated globally. 

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 28, 2020 Wednesday
October 28, 2021 Thursday
October 28, 2022 Friday
October 28, 2023 Saturday
October 24, 2024 Thursday

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