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National Chocolate Pudding Day

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Where is the National Chocolate Pudding Day Celebrated?

The National Chocolate Pudding day is observed in and around the United States of America.

Who is the National Chocolate Pudding Day celebrated by?

The National Chocolate Pudding day is celebrated by everyone who has a sweet tooth and an eye for delicacies. However, this day is the most popular among kids for their exclusive love for chocolate pudding.

When did National Chocolate Pudding Day first start?

The first day of celebration of the National Chocolate Pudding Day is not known.

Who started National Chocolate Pudding Day?

The National Chocolate Pudding Day is a celebration of people who loves to eat and have a sweet tooth. However, the person who started the tradition is relatively unknown. But it is based on an eggless custard powder developed by a British chemist named Alfred Bird in the 19th century.

Chocolate Pudding is one of the most favorite dessert puddings in America

History And Timelines


First Printed Recipes

The first chocolate pudding recipes were in print.


Meat Gets Eliminated

Before the 1800s, puddings had a tradition of having meat in the. This got eliminated in this century to give puddings a sweet approach.


The Consistency of Cake

With a boiling consistency of puddings in England, they start making them more cake-like.


First Chocolate Custard

The first chocolate custard was made during this time.


Celebration Of The Day Starts

Although the exact date is relatively unknown, it is known that the National Chocolate Pudding day started getting celebrated around the 1900s on June 26 every year.

Traditions And Customs

People in the States come together to celebrate this day by having delicious chocolate pudding with friends and family. They also observe this day by making delicious chocolate pudding by following recipes from authentic pudding books like 'Mary Harris Frazer’s Kentucky Receipt Book', and Fannie Farmer’s 'Boston Cooking School Cook Book.' People can also buy pudding and other desserts from generic dessert shops like 'Jell-O', 'Snack Pack by Hunt's', and 'Kraft Foods Corporation.' There are several contests like the pudding-making contests and the chocolate pudding-eating contests held throughout different states to mark the day.

Ways To Celebrate National Chocolate Pudding Day

You can have a pudding night with your friend to celebrate National Chocolate Pudding Day. You can also follow a recipe on YouTube and make Mud Pies. You can also gift a friend or a family member hand-made chocolate puddings. You can start a trend on social media with the hashtag 'nationalchocolatepuddingday' and upload pictures of your hand-made delicacy on Instagram or Facebook.

Facts And Stats

  • Chocolate Pudding is often considered a snack and a dessert after a heavy meal.
  • In the UK, a pudding is considered to be a dairy-based product like a rice pudding.
  • Some people vary the basic recipe by adding tapioca, rice, gelatin, or cornstarch into the pudding to have a thicker effect on the snack.

FAQs About National Chocolate Pudding Day

Who invented chocolate pudding?

It is known that chocolate pudding was first put into print by General Foods or 'Jell-O' as 'Walter Baker's Dessert.' Later, it was renamed 'Pickle's Pudding.'

Is chocolate pudding healthy for you?

Too much of anything is not good. No matter how delicious chocolate puddings are, too many of them might cause trouble in your stomach.

Why are some kids excited about National Chocolate Pudding Day?

Kids love chocolate pudding. Since National Chocolate Pudding Day is commemorated to serve and enjoy chocolate puddings, kids cannot be more excited to get their hand on this delicacy.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
June 26, 2020 Friday
June 26, 2021 Saturday
June 26, 2022 Sunday
June 26, 2023 Monday
June 26, 2024 Wednesday

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