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National Chocolate Souffle Day

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Where is National Chocolate Souffle Day celebrated?

National Chocolate Souffle Day celebration takes place in the USA.

Who is National Chocolate Souffle Day celebrated by?

American families celebrate National Chocolate Souffle Day. Kids and adults both love to have chocolate souffle after meals.

When did National Chocolate Souffle Day first start?

There is no specific date as to when exactly Chocolate Souffle Day started. However, the word souffle and its recipe made the first appearance in English in 1813.

Who started National Chocolate Souffle Day?

This remains a mystery as there is no information on who will be credited with starting the National Chocolate Souffle Day.

Chocolate souffle is a popular dish across the USA.

History And Timeline

The history of chocolate souffle is marked with experimenting with the process of making and baking the french style dessert. The French invented Souffle. The chocolate souffle gained recognition when highlighted in different cookbooks. It was also popularized by movies. Let's understand a brief timeline of how chocolate souffle evolved.


Lemon & Kidney Souffle

A recipe for souffle was made perfect by a French chef named Vincent La Chapelle. He designed the recipe by combining ingredients of sweet and savory flavors, and other ingredients like lemon and veal kidney were used to make souffle.


The Art of Souffle Making

The making of this dessert was a unique process that Antonie Beaubilliers finally penned down. He had published the recipe along with the process of making a souffle in his cookbook named L'Art du Cuisinier.


Father of Souffle

Several souffle recipes were created and experimented with different flavors by Antonin Careme. He is known as the Father of Souffle because he popularized this delicious dessert souffle and is credited for making the souffle recipe perfect.


Debut of Souffle

Souffle was shown in a film called Sabrina for the first time. Sabrina was played by Audrey Hepburn, who a master chef heavily criticizes for her weak attempts to make a souffle.

21st Century

Popular Recipe

Souffle is now prepared using a custard base and egg whites.

Traditions And Customs

A traditional souffle was made with egg whites, milk, butter, and other savory ingredients. It later evolved into many types of souffle. The souffle was then added with other ingredients like chocolate, vanilla,  egg yolks, etc. The base of the souffle is made like a custard base. It is also packed with jams and fruits to bring a savory flavor. The soft cake-like part of the souffle is made from beating egg whites. The mixture is made extremely fluffy before baking. Baked chocolate souffle can be served hot drizzled with chocolate sauce. Bittersweet chocolate souffles are also eaten as desserts when cold and can be served with ice cream.

Ways To Celebrate National Chocolate Souffle Day

National Chocolate Souffle Day can be celebrated at home by having a bake-off with your friends. Team up with your besties and make a chocolate souffle at your home. There is no joy other than enjoying your own baked dessert after a meal. You can make chocolate souffle easily by looking up a recipe online. Another way is to go on a chocolate souffle date with your loved one. One of the best celebrations would be visiting France and having a traditional chocolate souffle.

Facts And Stats

  • You can also combine the different flavors and make tuna souffle and broccoli and goat cheese souffle on National Chocolate Souffle Day.
  • National Chocolate Souffle Day is a day to celebrate the popular dish.
  • National Chocolate Souffle Day is dedicated to all the people who have a sweet tooth.

FAQs About National Chocolate Souffle Day

What is National Chocolate Souffle day?

National Chocolate Souffle Day celebrates the joy of having a souffle with your loved ones.

Can you eat chocolate souffle the next day?

Yes, you can definitely eat the souffle the next day. Make sure you heat it a little.

How much does chocolate souffle cost?

A basic chocolate souffle can cost you around $30 to $35. The more fancy flavors you have in your chocolate souffle, the more you pay!

Who invented the chocolate souffle?

Chocolate souffle was invented by a French Cook named Vincent La Chapelle.

What is the origin of chocolate souffle?

It is a type of cake made with fluffy egg whites. The origin of the recipe of chocolate souffle has its roots in France, where a cake experimented with different processes and ingredients.

Where was the chocolate souffle invented?

As the name suggests, chocolate souffle is a fancy dessert that no doubt originated in France! The pioneer in creating delicious fancy cuisines.

Is chocolate souffle eaten hot or cold?

Yes, you can have it in hot and cold form. Hot chocolate souffle melts in your mouth, whereas cold chocolate souffle is a rich blessing.

Does chocolate souffle have a raw egg?

A chocolate souffle is made with eggs. Therefore, the eggs are beaten up to make them fluffy before baking the souffle. Consequently, you don't have raw eggs in chocolate souffle.

How do you tell if a souffle is done?

The old-school method of knife testing comes in handy! Just insert a knife inside the souffle, and if it comes out clean, that is when your chocolate souffle is done!

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
February 28, 2020 Friday
February 28, 2021 Sunday
February 28, 2022 Monday
February 28, 2023 Tuesday
February 28, 2024 Wednesday
January 01, 1970 Thursday

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