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National Churro Day

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Where is National Churro Day celebrated?

It is an American national holiday and is celebrated all over the country. The people of Portugal and Spain also celebrate the event.

Who is National Churro Day celebrated by?

 People who love to have a sweet breakfast made of deep-fried dough and a cup of thick chocolate celebrate National Churro Day.

When did National Churro Day first start?

Our research was unable to find out any information on the origin of National Churro Day.

Who started National Churro Day?

Unfortunately, there is no information available on the inventor of National Churro Day.

There is nothing better than homemade churros and chocolate dip.

History And Timeline

Unlike the day, the history of churros is very old and controversial at the same time. Yet, there are certain historical facts that you should know about.

3000 years ago

Churro In Ancient Egypt

Among all theories on the origin of churro, one contends that this famous snack, like many others, was a creation of the ancient Egyptians. This theory was corroborated by engravings found in the tomb of Ramses III (1186-1155 B.C.).

First century A.D.

Churro In Apicius

Michael Krondl said that a very similar recipe to churros can be found in Apicius, a Roman cookbook dating back to the first century.

16th century

Churros In The New World

Another theory says that these deep-fried dough sticks originated in Spain and were a part of Spanish cuisine. Later, it was introduced to Latin American cuisine by Spaniards.

16th century

Churros From China

Another popular belief is that churros originated from Youzhagui or Youtiao, a typical Chinese breakfast made of fried dough and salt. In the southern part of China, the food is still extremely popular.


Chocolatería San Ginés

Often churros couldn't be imagined without chocolate. In 1894,  Chocolatería San Ginés, one of the most popular churro places in Madrid, was established. 

Traditions And Customs

Irrespective of where they originated, churros are very old and have been around for thousands of years. As a way of celebrating the day, you can make these at home.

Ways To Celebrate National Churro Day

The dough is a mixture of flour, water, salt, eggs, and butter. You can make them at home for family members and friends on this day.

You can also go out and buy some, but don't forget to post a photo on social media to inform others about this beautiful event.

Facts And Stats

  • Spaniards brought the recipe of churros to Latin America, and when they returned they introduced chocolate to Europe. So, as we dip a churro in a cup of chocolate on the morning of National Churro Day, we should appreciate them for popularizing both these foods.
  • Even though churros are mainly eaten for breakfast, you can have them for lunch and dinner too. So, on this National Churro Day, don't hold yourself back and enjoy these delightful dough sticks the whole day.
  • Many restaurants all over the country offer free churros on National Churro Day, like Angels' Churros N Chocolate.

FAQs About National Churro Day

When Is National Churro Day?

The day is celebrated annually on June 6.

What is the significance of National Churro Day?

Churro is a very popular breakfast in Europe and North America; the day just allows us to celebrate the delicious food.

How is National Churro Day different from National Sourdough Bread Day?

While the first one is dedicated to churros, the latter one celebrated sourdough bread. Also, both of these events fall on different dates: Churro Day on June 6 and Sourdough Bread Day on April 1.

Why do people love National Churro Day?

Because the event gives us an excuse to eat more churros.

Who invented churro?

No information is available on the inventor of churros.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
June 06, 2020 Saturday
June 06, 2021 Sunday
June 06, 2022 Monday
June 06, 2023 Tuesday
June 06, 2024 Thursday

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