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National Coding Week

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Where is National Coding Week celebrated?  

National Coding Week is celebrated in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Who is National Coding Week celebrated by?

 The event is celebrated by coding enthusiasts, schools, and professionals in the Information Technology or Computer Science domains.

When did National Coding Week first start?

The event first started in 2014.

Who started National Coding Week?

Tech entrepreneur Jordan Love and former headteacher Richard Rolfe started this popular annual event.

Young people should celebrate national Coding Week to inculcate their interest in coding.

History And Timeline

This annual event was initiated to support a generation of future coders and encourage people to learn coding skills and other digital skills.


First Programmable Mechanical Machine

Al-Jazari, an Arab engineer, created a drum machine that can be programmed into playing various drum beats and rhythms.


The Jacquard Loom

The Jacquard loom was built for producing different weaves through modifications in the series of pasteboard cards with holes known as programs.


First Computer Program

Ada Lovelace, a mathematician, developed an algorithm for calculating sequences of Bernoulli numbers. This project was intended to be run on the Analytical Engine by Charles Babbage.


First Machine-Readable Data

Herman Hollerith came up with the concept of machine-readable data and the concept of storing it. Later, a control panel was added to the Type I Tabulator for programming this data for various tasks.


First National Coding Week

The first instance of this annual event was conducted in 2014 in the UK, while from 2015, it started spreading beyond the UK.

Traditions And Customs

The traditions and customs involved with this event are generally aimed at sharing resources or offering to teach computer skills for free to interested individuals. Many private companies also offer free online lessons or advice for future coders. Many schools also arrange coding events with prizes. Even inter-school events are arranged by various organizations associated with computer science, software development, or Information Technology in general.

Many school-sponsored events have been conducted during this period that teaches computer lessons or coding skills for children and adults. These events also inspire these children and adults to learn more about the subject and help them gain interest in computer systems. Professionals involved with these events are also quite active on social media to promote these events with the official National Coding Week hashtag.

Ways To Celebrate National Coding Week

You can choose to celebrate this special week by learning a new programming language or learning digital skills. Learning a new programming language such as Python, C++ or Java will expand your horizons and help you get better at coding in general. After celebrating this event, many have been inspired to take up a new programming language.

You can also learn front-end languages such as HTML and CSS for building websites. Learning how to code is as simple as learning how to place blocks after another; thus, you can easily learn how to code by watching online tutorials or studying coding resources. Resources such as research papers or study material from esteemed universities that can teach you how to code are readily available all over the internet. You can also choose to get involved with events or participate in fun activities such as Hour of Code.

Facts And Stats

  • This event initially revolved around helping adults improve their digital skills to fill the growing skills gap.
  • The event was commenced when Jordan Love and Richard Rolfe managed to get a bunch of unemployed people jobs by training them and teaching them how to code.
  • The week is also focused on encouraging women to start coding.
  • During 2015, over a thousand people participated in dozens of events for this week.

FAQs About National Coding Week

What month is National Coding week?

The National Coding Week is held in September.

When was National Coding Week founded?

The National Coding Week was founded in the September of 2014.

What are some events similar to National Coding Week?

Programmers Day, EU Code Week, and Computer Science Education Week are similar events.

Who invented the concept of the National Coding Week?

Jordan Love and Richard Rolfe invented the concept of this event.

What are some reasons for celebrating National Coding Week?

Some reasons for celebrating National Coding Week are to inform people that resources are freely available and inspire young minds and adults to take up coding. The week is also celebrated to support women coders and close the gender gap in computer skills or coding knowledge.

What are the limitations in celebrating National Coding Week?

There are no limitations in celebrating National Coding Week.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
September 14, 2020 Monday
September 14, 2021 Tuesday
September 14, 2022 Wednesday
September 14, 2023 Thursday
September 14, 2024 Saturday

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