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National Comic Book Day

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Where is National Comic Book Day celebrated?  

 This national day is hosted in the United States.

Who is National Comic Book Day celebrated by?

 This day is special for artists, collectors, and fans of this art form.

When did National Comic Book Day first start?

No one knows for sure when this day first started but it honors the creators of the first animation book, Rodolphe Topffer, creator of Mr. Obadiah Oldbuck, in 1842.

Who started National Comic Book Day?

 It is not known as to who first started this day but, if you love comics, then this is the day for you to enjoy your favorite ones.

Colorful illustration is used to tell the story.

History And Timeline

Comic books include full-length books and graphic novels, as well as magazines, and have inspired many movie adaptations. Although the first style of narratives in comic form was humorous, the stories evolved to include all types of stories.


First 'Comic Book' Published

The first use of illustrated strips in a book was created in 1827 and published in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1837, as 'Histoire de Mr. Vieux Bois'. A hardcover book called 'The Adventures of Mr. Obadiah Oldbuck' was released in the U.S. in 1840, and it contained comic strips.


First 'Official' Comic Book

' The Yellow Kid in McFadden’s Flats' was the first book to have 'comic book' on its cover - but it was just a collection of reprinted newspaper comic strips.


First Serial Comic Book

'Comic Monthly' started to be published regularly, by King Features.


First U.S. Traditional Comic

'Famous Funnies' was the first American serial comic book published in a standard comic-book format, and it featured collections of reprinted newspaper comic strips.


The Golden Age Of Comics

The release of 'Superman' began what came to be known as the golden age of comic books. This superhero was created by Jerry Siegel and Joes Shuster. Among all the genres, the superheroes introduced in this era continue to remain very popular with young readers today.


The Silver Age Of Comics

The introduction of characters such as Flash, The Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man started the silver era of comics, which lasted till the early '70s.

1970s - '80s

The Bronze Age Of Comics

The bronze age ran from the '70s to the mid-'80s, when comic-book stores and conventions became popular. These helped collectors and fans get merchandise associated with their favourite comic books. The modern age began at the end of the bronze age and is still ongoing.

Traditions And Customs

 There doesn't seem to be any record of any specific tradition or custom to celebrate this day. But getting together with friends and reading or exchanging your favorite animated book might be a good tradition to start!

But if we look at the history of comic books, the golden age saw them used as government propaganda in World War II, with superheroes like Captain America punching Hitler. This was so popular that, by 1944, around 44% of men in the U.S. Army identified themselves as avid comic-book readers.

Ways To Celebrate National Comic Book Day

 Read your favorite comics or trade comic books with your friends. Visit a store and pick up a few of your favorite comic books or graphic novels. You can also attend a comic book convention, as well as Comic Book Day activities in major cities across the United States including Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, and Baltimore.

Creating your own version or doodling could be another fun thing to do on this day. You can try to create your own comic books using websites and software that are available free online. Don't miss posting this on social media.

Facts And Stats

Apart from the national holiday there is a Free Comic Book Day. This is an annual promotional day hosted by North American comic book organizations. 

Other popular comic books are 'The Adventures of Tintin', 'Peanuts', and 'Naruto'. 'Asterix', another much-loved comic, has sold more than 370 million copies globally, and there are plenty of games and films based on it. There is also a theme park located about 22 mi (35.4 km) north of Paris. You can visit the park, watch movies, or read a book to celebrate this day.

A person who collects comic books is known as a pannapictagraphist. You can learn about such interesting facts on this day.

FAQs About National Comic Book Day

Is there a Comic Book Day?

National Comic Book Day is observed in the United States on September 25 every year.

What comics are free on Comic Book Day?

Iconic comics from the best publishers, like DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and Dark Horse Comics, are offered for free on this day, at more than 2,300 stores across the States. This is a great way to encourage new readers, and spread values of ethics and morals.

What is a free comic book day?

Free Comic Book Day is observed in May and is different from National Comic Book Day.

What is the best-selling comic book on National Comic Book Day?

Popular choices on this day are 'Avengers/Hulk', by Marvel, Archie Comics, 'Batman', and others that have a storyline that still appeals to audiences of all ages.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
September 25, 2020 Friday
September 25, 2021 Saturday
September 25, 2022 Sunday
September 25, 2023 Monday
September 25, 2024 Wednesday

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