National Day Of Mourning
November 24, 2022

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The National Day Of Mourning is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November every year.

The day symbolizes the renewed appreciation given to the tribes. It also pays tribute to the ancestors for their struggle and fights against the odds.

On this day, protest meetings are being held at Cone's Hill every year. Native American celebrates the day by paying respect and spreading knowledge about the community. The day also talks about the myths of the community that are written in the thanksgiving story. It is a day of remembrance and gratitude towards the ancestors.

Where is National Day Of Mourning observed? 

The National Day Of Mourning is observed in the United States of America.

Who is the National Day Of Mourning ​observed by?

The native peoples of the United States of America celebrate the National Day Of Mourning.

When did National Day Of Mourning ​first start?

In 1970, the National Day Of Mourning was celebrated by the Native American people for the first time.

Who started National Day Of Mourning?

The United American Indians of New England (UAINE), an activist group of the Native Americans, organized the first National Day Of Mourning.

Around 500 Americans attended the first National Day Of Mourning.

History And Timelines

The history of the day talks about paying tribute to the forerunners of the tribe for their struggle. Here's a timeline of how it came about.


Rally Of First National Day Of Mourning

In 1970, the first rally of the National Day Of Mourning was being held at Cole's Hill.


Protestors Dumped Seaweed And Sand

As a form of protest, the protestors dumped sand and seaweed during the protest of 1995.


Protest Marchers And Pilgrim Parade Marchers

In 1996, both the parties collided while marching, which led to a difficult situation. The police had to intervene.


Attendance In The Meeting

Despite the pandemic, around 1000-2000 native people attended the meeting.


Virtual Meeting

Due to the pandemic, a virtual meeting was being held, which was attended by 1600 people.

Traditions And Customs

The main tradition includes organizing an annual protest at Cole's Hill every year. Hundreds of Native Americans attend this mourning protest. In modern times, during the pandemic, both virtual, as well as personal meetings, were being held.

Ways To Observe National Day Of Mourning

The celebration of this day includes paying respect to the native ancestors of the tribal community and indigenous people for their struggle against the relentless assault of the upper class. Even though it is observed during the Thanksgiving holiday, the myths about the tribal people related to Thanksgiving day are also dispelled by the native people.

Facts And Stats

Kisha James, the granddaughter of Frank James, is the youth coordinator of UAINE, the organization that started this day.

In 1970, when the first National Day Of Mourning took place, it was the day of Thanksgiving as well.

Since both Thanksgiving and the Day Of Mourning falls on the same day, Unthanksgiving Day is celebrated on the west coast.

FAQs About National Day Of Mourning

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Why Do People Observe The National Day Of Mourning?

When Is This Day Celebrated


November 26, 2020


November 25, 2021


November 24, 2022


November 23, 2023


November 28, 2024


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