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National Day Of Prayer

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Where is National Day Of Prayer celebrated?  

 National Day of Prayer is a national event in the US. It is celebrated all over the country.

Who is National Day Of Prayer celebrated by?

All the citizens of the United States celebrate the National Day Of Prayer.

When did National Day Of Prayer first start?

The first National Day Of Prayer took place in 1775. But it became a national event officially in 1952.

Who started National Day Of Prayer?

 A joint resolution by Congress called for this national event in 1952. President Truman signed this into law in the same year.

Prayer has played a significant role in American culture and society.

History And Timeline

National Day Of Prayer has a long and interesting history. Here, we will see some historical events that led to the formation of this national event.


First Prayer Observance

The first National Day Of Prayer took place in the United States in 1775. The Continental Congress called for this prayer observance.

March 30, 1863

Lincoln's Prayer Proclamation

On March 30, 1863, Abraham Lincoln decided to sign a congressional resolution to declare April 30 as the day of humiliation, fasting, and prayer.


Official Formation Of The Event

A joint resolution by Congress proposed the foundation of National Day Of Prayer in 1952. President Truman then signed it into law, encouraging all the citizens of the nation to observe this day annually.


Amendment In The Law

In 1988, President Reagan reformed the law and changed its observance date. From then on, the first Thursday of May permanently became National Day Of Prayer.


Nationwide Acceptance

In 2022, the governors of all 50 states of the United States signed the National Day of Prayer proclamations.

Traditions And Customs

On the first Thursday of May, take some time and pray. Regardless of what religious faith you believe in, say a few words to god(s). You can also take a moment to appreciate the role faith and beliefs play in your life.

Ways To Observe National Day Of Prayer

A great way to celebrate this event is to learn more about your religion. Learn about its origin and history. You can also learn about other religions as well.

You can celebrate this day by donating money or engaging in some volunteer work. Almost every religion has a house of prayer or worship. So, visit a local community building and offer your help the best way you can.

Facts And Stats

  • As of 2022, over 2 million people gather at various churches, city halls, country courthouses, and homes to pray on the National Day Of Prayer. This community gathering enhances religious faiths and builds togetherness.
  • This event officially became an event of the nation in the US in 1952. Since then, every US president has signed a prayer proclamation. It is also known as a day of humiliation, fasting, and prayer.
  • In 1988, President Reagan moved the observance date to the first Thursday of May.

FAQs About National Day Of Prayer

Why is National Day Of Prayer important?

The United States of America is home to people of various religious faiths and ethnicity. This event aims to unite them all and encourage them to live together peacefully.


How is National Day Of Prayer different from National Day Of Prayer For Law Enforcement Officers?

National Day Of Prayer For Law Enforcement Officers encourages people to pray for the safety and well-being of law enforcement officers. But, National Day Of Prayer intends to unite all the people of the United States through faith and peace.


How does National Day Of Prayer affect people psychologically or emotionally?

The act of praying reduces anxiety, fear, and feelings of isolation in people.


How is National Day Of Prayer similar to World Peace And Prayer Day?

Both these events aim to unite people and bring peace to the world.


What is the history and origin of National Day Of Prayer?

In 1952, Congress and President Truman established the National Day Of Prayer officially.


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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 06, 2021 Thursday
May 05, 2022 Thursday
May 04, 2023 Thursday
May 02, 2024 Thursday
May 01, 2025 Thursday

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