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National Diatomaceous Earth Day

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Where is National Diatomaceous Earth Day celebrated?  

National Diatomaceous Earth Day is celebrated in the United States.

Who is National Diatomaceous Earth Day celebrated by?

National Diatomaceous Earth Day is celebrated by everyone who knows the value of this incredible mineral and its various benefits.

When did National Diatomaceous Earth Day first start?

National Diatomaceous Earth Day celebrations were started in 2016.

Who started National Diatomaceous Earth Day?

EP Minerals, a US company, started National Diatomaceous Earth Day in 2016.

Materials scientists researched and discovered diatom skeletons, also known as frustules.

History And Timeline

DE deposits are formed when diatom die and fall to the bottom of water. Gradually the organic portions of diatoms weather away. DE was first detected in Germany by Peter Kasten in 1836. He realized the wonderful qualities of DE. Greeks were known to have used diatomaceous earth as a cleanser and polisher and material used in bricks for buildings. For the common people, DE is one of the most useful household chemicals due to its ability to polish, absorb, and filter, and it is a natural insecticide. These stabilizing qualities in DE make it beneficial to numerous industries. Diatomite existed even during the pre-historic times and was used in cave paintings.


Discovery Of Diatomaceous Earth

In the year 1837, Peter Kasten from Germany discovered DE.


Extraction Of DE

Diatomaceous earth was extracted in Neuohe between 19oo and 1910.


Risk Of Silicosis

During the '30s, due to extensive exposure to large amounts of silica while extracting DE, workers became at a high risk of silicosis.


The American Diatomite Corporation

The American Diatomite Corporation's processing plant in Florida refined around 145 tons (131542 kg) every year.


National Diatomaceous Earth Day

In 2016, EP Minerals started the celebration of National Diatomaceous Earth Day.

Traditions And Customs

There are no specific traditions and customs to celebrate this day. Various people appreciate and value this mineral in different ways. Biologists consider diatoms as single-celled plants that produce more than three-fourths of the oxygen supply on Earth. Materials scientists identify DE as diatom skeletons which are tiny complex porous opal structures. These structures are said to be the most durable substances worldwide.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Diatomaceous Earth Day 

Ways to observe National Diatomaceous Earth Day are to research the various benefits of DE, try applying this mineral to various household uses, or make your own diatomaceous earth deodorant.

Facts And Stats

  • This day is celebrated to recognize the diatom and talk about the helpful things it creates which make our lives easier.
  • STEM people all over the world give lectures and webinars on this day, on the importance of diatomaceous earth and how it helps us in our daily lives.
  • Large deposits of diatomaceous earth can also be found on the coasts of the oceans of North and South America. Since most of it is found in America, Americans celebrate this day by being thankful for the mineral.

FAQs About National Diatomaceous Earth Day

When was diatomaceous earth first discovered?

Diatomaceous earth was discovered in 1837.

What is the meaning of diatomaceous?

Diatomaceous means made of diatoms or the siliceous remains of diatoms.

What does diatomaceous earth do for humans?

DE acts as an insulator, a cement supplement, feed for animals, a remover of stains, pest control, and filter for swimming pools.

What is the significance of National Diatomaceous Earth Day?

National Diatomaceous Earth Day commemorates the various qualities and usage of DE.

What is the history and origin of National Diatomaceous Earth Day?

EP Minerals, a company in the US, founded National Diatomaceous Earth Day to let the world know the significance of the various qualities of diatomaceous earth.

What is special about National Diatomaceous Earth Day?

Diatomaceous earth is a soft sedimentary rock ground into an off-white powder that has multiple uses. National Diatomaceous Earth Day is celebrated to honor this extremely useful mineral.

How is National Diatomaceous Earth Day different from International Mother Earth Day?

National Diatomaceous Earth Day is celebrated in honor of one mineral, whereas International Mother Earth Day is celebrated to recognize Earth and its ecosystems as mankind's home and also emphasize the need to protect the planet.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
August 31, 2020 Monday
August 31, 2021 Tuesday
August 31, 2022 Wednesday
August 31, 2023 Thursday
August 31, 2024 Saturday

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