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National Doctors' Day In India

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Where is National Doctors' Day In India celebrated?  

 It is celebrated all across India.

Who is National Doctors' Day In India celebrated by?

 It is celebrated by the healthcare workers in government and non-government hospitals.

When did National Doctors' Day in India first start?

It was first started on July 1, 1991.

Who started National Doctors' Day in India?

 The government of India introduced National Doctors' Day in 1991.

Kudos to all the doctors for their tireless efforts.

History And Timeline

The doctor behind Doctors' Day in India is Dr. B. C. Roy- a legendary physician. Read on to learn more about his selfless service in the medical profession.



Dr. B. C. Roy played a pivotal role in establishing two prestigious medical institutions - the Indian Medical Association on December 28, 1928, and the Medical Council of India in 1934.


The First Medical Consultant

Dr. B. C. Roy passed away in 1962. The British Medical Journal, in its obituary, mentioned Dr. Roy as the 'first medical consultant in the Indian subcontinent' for his all-around contributions.


Dr. B. C. Roy Award

The MCI instituted the Dr. B. C. Roy Award in 1962. Since 1976, it's been awarded annually.

July 1, 1991

First Doctors' Day Celebration

National Doctors' Day was first observed on July 1, 1991, to pay tribute to Dr. B. C. Roy's contribution towards medicine.


2021 Doctors' Day Theme

On July 1, 2021, the theme was 'Save the Saviors' to stop assault against doctors.

Traditions And Customs

Free medical camps are organized at hospitals to provide medical services. General health screening camps are also set up to counsel on various diseases and their cure. In schools and colleges, activities are organized to encourage youth to choose the medical profession to serve humankind.

Ways To Celebrate Doctors' Day in India

You can send a personalized video message to a doctor who has helped you with your medical needs. Deliver a red carnation or any red flower bouquet to his clinic. Make a personalized card with a heartfelt 'thank you' message. Or you may also share your doctor's story on social media.

Facts And Stats

  • National Doctors' Day is celebrated with a unique theme every year.
  • On this day, the President of India presents the Dr. B. C. Roy Award to eminent doctors.
  • On Doctors' Day, 2021, tribute was paid to 1,500 doctors who fell ill with COVID-19 over the past two years.

FAQs About National Doctors' Day In India

Why is July 1 celebrated as Doctors' Day?

July 1 is the birth (and death) anniversary of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. Doctors' Day is celebrated to honor his contributions to medical science.

Why is Doctors' Day celebrated in India?

It is celebrated to acknowledge the towering contributions made by physicians towards humanity.

Who started Doctors' Day in India?

The Government of India, along with the Indian Medical Association, started Doctors' Day in India.

What is the significance of Doctors' Day in India?

To raise awareness of physicians' duties and to promote the medical profession.

How do people celebrate Doctors' Day in India?

People adorn garlands and flowers to the statue of Dr. B. C. Roy to honor him.

What is the history and origin of Doctors' Day in India?

The Doctors' Day celebration was started as a way to thank health workers for their relentless service.

How do doctors contribute to healthcare in India?

Doctors treat patients' ailments and help them to recover quickly.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
July 01, 2020 Wednesday
July 01, 2021 Thursday
July 01, 2022 Friday
July 01, 2023 Saturday
July 01, 2024 Monday

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