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National Donald Duck Day

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Where is National Donald Duck Day celebrated?

People in the US celebrate this day popularly As Donald Duck has fans worldwide, National Donald Duck Day could be celebrated anywhere.

Who is National Donald Duck Day celebrated by?

National Donald Duck Day is celebrated by anyone who knows and loves this moody duck. Since Donald Duck has been around for 88 years, we are pretty sure there is an 88-year-old somewhere who is reliving their days of watching Donald Duck. After all, age is merely a number, right?

When did National Donald Duck Day first start?

Donald Duck has been around since 1931 when he first appeared in a book, but it was only in June 1934, after his first film debut in 'The Wise Little Hen' that he gained more fame. The first National Donald Duck Day was on June 9, 1984, on Donald Duck's 50th birthday.

Who started National Donald Duck Day?

Then Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley announced publicly that this day would henceforth be National Donald Duck Day. 

Visit Donald Duck and his friends in Disneyland on National Donald Duck Day!

History And Timeline

Walt Disney favored Goofy, but Donald Duck seems to be favored by many around the world. It may be because of his funny voice or his overall waspish nature. Donald Duck walked through history on his orange webbed feet, and here are some of those important dates related to the much-loved Donald Duck:


Origin Of Donald Duck

Donald Duck is an American Pekin duck, a breed that was derived from birds brought to the US in the 1800s from China. This breed was primarily raised for meat.

June 9, 1984

Founding Of This Day

Tom Bradley founded this day and the a silver statue of Donald Fauntleroy Duck was erected on June 9, 1984.


Donald Duck Short Animations

Although Mickey is ranked number one as the most famous and liked cartoon character, Donald Duck falls only two places behind, at third most liked. He has 128 independent short animations, which is more than the number Mickey has.


Into The Oscars

Donald Duck's appearance in the animation 'Der Fuehrer's Face' in which he lives in Nazi Germany, won an Academy Award. Later, Donald Duck co-hosted the Oscars in 1958 as a cartoon co-host via video recordings.

August 9, 2004

Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Donald Duck is one of only 17 cartoon characters to get their own star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame.

Traditions And Customs

National Donald Duck Day exists only because Donald Duck is popular across all nations and ages. A Donald Duck-themed party would be fitting to be organized on this day.

You could pick up comic books in which he has been featured or watch one or all of the Donald Duck cartoons on National Donald Duck Day. If you have a plushie of this cartoon character, then take him out and keep him around you.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Donald Duck Day

If you have planned well ahead of time and have the means to be able to get to one of the 11 Disney parks around the world, it is going to be a blast during the holidays, especially on National Donald Duck Day.

Dress up in white and yellow on this day and if you are brave like Donald Fauntleroy Duck, then flaunt a candy red bow-tie along with the rest of your attire.

Then there are, of course, video games and fun art projects to do. You most definitely should be introducing Donald Duck to one of your baby relatives on National Donald Duck Day!

Facts And Stats

  • National Donald Duck Day is popular in the US and is more fun when you celebrate it with Donald Duck at the party. Every year, Disneyland celebrates this day grandly with a grand parade where you can step onto Miss Daisy, Donald's boat, or get t-shirts with his face on them.
  • Disney also has a breakfast special called 'Donald Duck's Seaside Breakfast', which you could try on this day.
  • Donald Duck's birthday is on June 9, which is when National Donald Duck Day is, and the supposed year of his birth is 1934, although other documents say Friday 13 as the date of birth. So, the day is shrouded in mystery!

FAQs About National Donald Duck Day

How is National Donald Duck Day celebrated?

There are many fun ways to celebrate this day, like themed parties and watching films.

When is Donald Duck's birthday?

Donald Duck's birthday is on June 9.

What is the purpose of National Donald Duck Day?

The purpose is to appreciate and thank Donald Duck for making our childhood awesome with the many films and animations he was featured in.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
June 09, 2020 Tuesday
June 09, 2021 Wednesday
June 09, 2022 Thursday
June 09, 2023 Friday
June 09, 2024 Sunday

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