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National Draw A Bird Day

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Where is National Draw A Bird Day celebrated?  

 This day started in Britain and is now celebrated worldwide.

Who is National Draw A Bird Day celebrated by?

This day is celebrated by artists and bird lovers, who use different methods to sketch the picture of a bird.

When did National Draw A Bird Day first start?

 The exact origin of this day is unknown, however, it is celebrated on the birthday of Dorie Cooper, a little girl who, in 1943, tried to cheer her uncle up by asking him to draw a bird while he was in hospital.

Who started National Draw A Bird Day?

 This, too, is uncertain, though they were inspired by Dorie.

Your picture of a bird doesn't need to look professional.

History And Timeline

This day has become even more significant today. Let us take a look at a brief history of how it all began.

1939 - 1945

World War Two Occurred

In World War Two, many people were Seven-year-old Dorie Cooper visited her injured uncle in the hospital. He had lost his leg in a land-mine explosion in World War Two, so Dorie asked her uncle to draw a picture, to cheer him up. He thought for some time and then drew a robin. The little girl laughed and promised to hang it in her room. The interaction between the uncle and niece helped to cheer up the other patients in the hospital.


Dorie Was Killed

Dorie was killed in a car accident. At her funeral, there were many pictures and drawings of birds.


People Invited To Celebrate

The director of the Cheshire Library sends out pieces of paper with just one sentence at the top: Wednesday, April 8 is Draw a Picture of a Bird Day. It is uncertain whether this is the first celebration of the day.

Ways To Observe National Draw A Bird Day

Celebrate this day by drawing bird pictures and sharing them with others. Your drawing doesn't need to be perfect. You can submit the picture of a bird on the Draw A Bird Day Facebook page. You can even encourage your children to observe the birds around you and encourage them to participate.

There are various events that bring together painters and artists to create the most amazing bird pictures on this day and you can check out the Draw A Bird social media pages for more information.

Facts And Stats

  • On this day, you can create your own version of bird drawings. This is a good way to observe the various species around you.
  • This day is a good way to remind us to take some time from our busy and hectic life to appreciate the simple joy of things around us.
  • This day also helps increase awareness about different species and inspires young people to create an ecosystem that's favorable for them.

FAQs About National Draw A Bird Day

What is the story behind National Draw A Bird Day?

Dorie Cooper was a seven-year-old girl in England. One day she went to visit her uncle in the hospital who had lost his leg in a land-mine explosion. The little girl asked her uncle to draw her a picture of a bird, so he looked out of the window and drew a funny robin. Little Dorie laughed and promised to hang the drawing in her room. The patients and staff at the hospital were amused by this exchange. Three years later, she was killed in a car crash. At her funeral, her coffin was covered with bird drawings. This national day is celebrated every year on Dorie's birthday.

Why is it important?

It is a day to remind us that joy and happiness can be found in the simple things of life.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
April 07, 2020 Tuesday
April 07, 2021 Wednesday
April 07, 2022 Thursday
April 07, 2023 Friday
April 07, 2024 Sunday

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