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National Drinking Straw Day

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Where is National Drinking Straw Day celebrated?

The occasion is celebrated by people all over the United States.

Who is National Drinking Straw Day celebrated by?

National Drinking Straw Day is celebrated by everyone who wishes to pay tribute to straws and their importance in modern culture.

When did National Drinking Straw Day first start?

The first instance of the celebration is unknown.

Who started National Drinking Straw Day?

There are factual findings that link any individual with the invention of National Drinking Straw Day.

The straw has helped people over the years!

History And Timeline

In 1888, the American inventor Marvin C. Stone was displeased with the ryegrass straw and the grassy taste it left behind while he was drinking a mint julep. His first concept of the straw saw him using a pencil to create the thin tube, after which he took the pencil out and fixed the ends with glue.

3000 BCE

Earliest Concept Of Straws

Based on research, it is believed that Sumerians were the first users of straws. They used drinking straws for drinking beer. It is believed that the drinking straw was invented to evade solid byproducts in the beer. The discovery of a straw with a gold tube inlaid with a blue stone in a Sumerian tomb is considered to be the oldest drinking straw.


Straw Is Patented

Marvin C Stone, owner of a paper cigarette holders company invented the straw. After his newly found straw gains popularity in local drinking establishments, he improves the drinking straws by using paraffin wax and manila paper to create more efficient straws. His invention is patented on January 3, 1888.


Bended Straws Are Introduced

Joseph Friedman, an American inventor, watches his daughter labor while drinking milkshakes using a paper straw. He later came up with the idea of the bendable straw by making indentations to the straw.

The '60s

Paper Is Replaced

The paper drinking straw is replaced with the plastic straw as the fast-food industry in the United States grows.


Strawless Ocean

In the modern-day, straws have become one of the biggest contributors to marine pollution. Lonely Whale began a digital campaign educating the world about the impacts of single-use straws as a pollutant.

Traditions And Customs

National Drinking Straw Day has been celebrated for quite a while and it has almost become a tradition to spend the entire day honoring the straw and how easy it made the consumption of liquid without the chances of getting messy.

Ways To Celebrate National Drinking Straw Day

One of the many ways to celebrate National Drinking Straw Day is by spending the entire day drinking cold drinks or other beverages through straws!

You can also ask friends, family, or colleagues at work to use straws throughout the day.

Another impactful thing you can do is switch to a metal straw, as it is reusable and impacts the ecosystem on a much lower scale compared to paper straws.

National Drinking Straw Day Facts And Stats

  • In America, January 3 is celebrated as National Drinking Straw Day.
  • This year, the unique day would be celebrated on a Monday.
  • Straws with unique twists and curves called 'Krazy straws' were invented by Arthur Philip Gildersleeve.
  • Both paper and plastic straws aren't recommended for hot drinks as the straw usually heats the beverage by a few degrees which can lead to burning the tongue.
  • Much like Sumerians, the Argentines also had a device known as Bombilla made for drinking beer. The bombilla acted as both a straw and a sieve.

FAQs About National Drinking Straw Day

Is there a National Straw Day?

No, there is no National Straw Day.

What is the importance of National Drinking Straw Day?

The importance of this occasion sheds light on the paraffin-wax coated paper drinking straw and how they've helped in the consumption of hot or ice-cold beverages over the years.

How are restaurants promoting National Drinking Straw Day?

Restaurants often provide an endless supply of various straw designs on this day.

What are some advantages of National Drinking Straw Day?

National Drinking Straw Day reminds people about the negative impact that straw has on the ecosystem, especially the marine ecosystem.

What are some assumptions we need to take while celebrating National Drinking Straw Day?

You should always assume that the celebration will lead to the usage of too many straws and in turn pollution. To combat this, you should dispose of the straws responsibly by the end of the day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
January 02, 2020 Thursday
January 02, 2021 Saturday
January 02, 2022 Sunday
January 02, 2023 Monday
January 02, 2024 Tuesday

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