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National East Meets West Day

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Where is National East Meets West Day celebrated?

This day is celebrated enthusiastically across the United States, parts of Germany, and around the world. This event has been celebrated by an increasing number of people every year to honor the day when World War II ended.

Who is National East Meets West Day celebrated by?

This day is celebrated by the people of the United States, Germany, and around the world.

When did National East Meets West Day first start?

The earliest celebrations can be traced back to April 25, 2015.

Who started National East Meets West Day?

The day was declared to be observed jointly by the US and Russian Presidents on the 65th anniversary of the end of the war.

This day celebrates one of the most important events in the history of the world.

History And Timeline

The incessant carnage of World War II, which was continued by axis powers headed by Nazi forces, left everyone in despair until the commanders of Soviet and American troops were ordered to take a cooperative step and put an end to the war. As was decided, the Soviet and the US forces met each other at River Elbe and became allies. US Lieutenant William Robertson was seen sharing a warm hug with Leuitenant Alexender Silvashko of the Red Army in a historic picture.

September 1, 1939

WWII Started

Hitler invaded Poland and initiated the war.

March and April 1940

Stalin’s Cruel Orders

Stalin commanded the killing of 20,000 Polish officials and others who were captured in September 1939.

July 25, 1940

The Battle Started

The Battle of Britain started.

February 1945

The Big Three

Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin met in Yalta to plan a strategy of war.

April 25, 1945

Historic Linkup

Soviet and US forces met at the eastern and western banks of the Elbe River.

Traditions And Customs

People observe this day by attending events held in Torgau, Germany, on April 25th. They also share information about the day on social media.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National East Meets West Day

You can celebrate this day by knowing more about World War II. Go to a World War II History Museum with your friends, students, and family. Post awareness pictures on social media using #NationalEastMeetsWestDay and #ElbeDay.

Facts And Stats

  • National East Meets West Day was declared on the 65th anniversary of the historic union of the east and west army forces at River Elbe.
  • This day is observed in Torgau, Germany, the place where the linkup occurred.
  • This day was constituted in the year 2015 and has since been celebrated every year.

FAQs About National East Meets West Day

What is the significance of East Meets West Day?

East Meets West Day marks the end of World War II and is, therefore, an essential chapter in history.

What is the history and origin of East Meets West Day?

To end World War II, which had been continuing for more than six years, the commanders of the Soviet Army and US front directed them to contact each other. They did so on April 25th in Torgau on River Elbe.

What is special about East Meets West Day?

East Meets West Day marks the end of World War II that had been going on for over six years incessantly and meeting of the two armies in Torgau at River Elbe on April 25.

How does this affect people psychologically or emotionally?

Elbe day instills feelings of brotherhood and team spirit in people.

How is East Meets West Day different from Bennington Battle Day?

East Meets West Day is celebrated grandly in Torgau, Germany, every year. This day is marked in commemoration of the occasion of ending World War II. On the other hand, Bennington Battle Day is celebrated to commemorate the victory of America over British forces in the Battle of Bennington.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
April 24, 2020 Friday
April 24, 2021 Saturday
April 24, 2022 Sunday
April 24, 2023 Monday
April 25, 2024 Thursday

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