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National Eggs Benedict Day

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Where is National Eggs Benedict Day celebrated?  

 National Eggs Benedict Day is celebrated in the United States.

Who is National Eggs Benedict Day celebrated by?

National Eggs Benedict Day is celebrated by people who love eggs Benedict.

When did National Eggs Benedict Day first start?

 The origin of this day is not known.

Who started National Eggs Benedict Day?

It is not known who started National Eggs Benedict Day.

Eggs Benedict is a popular brunch dish in America.

History And Timeline

The origins of eggs Benedict are still a mystery. One theory is that Pope Benedict XII, a pope in the 18th century, loved an egg dish very much and ate it whenever he could. Even when he became ill, he still craved the dish. His love for this dish was immortal, and hence eggs Benedict was named after him. Another theory is that Lemuel Benedict, a stockbroker in 1894, wanted to cure his hangover, and for this, he visited the Waldorf restaurant. Here, he made an order for two poached eggs, crisp bacon, buttered toast, and Hollandaise sauce on the side.


First Description Of Hollandaise Sauce

'The French Cook,' a cookbook by La Varenne released in 1651, had the first-ever description of a hollandaise-like sauce. The sauce was not named but it was called a fragrant sauce that would go well with asparagus.

18th Century

Pope Benedict XII Discovered Eggs Benedict

Pope Benedict XII of the 18th century is said to have loved eggs. He loved an egg dish so much that he ate it often. It has been claimed that eggs Benedict was named after him.


Delmonico's Menu Lists Eggs Benedict

In the 1860s, Legrand Benedict, a regular diner at The Delmonico's requested something different because she was bored of the existing menu choices. Then Chef Ranhofer prepared an egg dish which is now called eggs Benedict. This is another probable theory of the origin of eggs Benedict.


The Hangover Remedy

Lemuel Benedict who was a stockbroker in New York claims that eggs Benedict was his invention and was created as a hangover cure.


E.C Benedict Claimed To Be The Inventor

Edward P. Montgomery wrote to the New York Times in 1967 claiming that Commodore E.C Benedict was the inventor of the dish and that he got the recipe from Montgomery's mother.

Traditions And Customs

 No tradition or custom can be pointed in the celebration of National Eggs Benedict Day. This day celebrates eggs Benedict and the people who enjoy it.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Eggs Benedict Day

 The most obvious way of celebrating this day is by trying out the Benedict recipe of poached eggs and bacon atop English muffins or toast and covered in hollandaise sauce for breakfast. You can also try other versions of this recipe to experiment. If you are not much of a cook, visit any breakfast restaurant that serves eggs Benedict and revel in this amazing dish.

Facts And Stats

In the US, Iowa is the top egg-producing state with 17.1 billion eggs produced in the year 2019. All this adds up to the excitement for this breakfast and this special day.

An Irish rendition of eggs Benedict is made with corned beef or Irish bacon in place of the ham.

This year, the day would be celebrated on a Saturday.

FAQs About National Eggs Benedict Day

Who invented eggs benedict?

There are many different claims about who invented eggs Benedict.

When is the National Eggs Benedict Day celebrated?

National Eggs Benedict Day is celebrated on April 16 every year.

What is the significance of the National Eggs Benedict Day?

The significance of this day is that it celebrates the culinary talent of making eggs Benedict and also the importance of breakfast.

How do people celebrate National Eggs Benedict Day?

People celebrate National Eggs Benedict Day by cooking (or ordering) this healthy breakfast dish and enjoying it.

Why do people celebrate National Eggs Benedict Day?

People celebrate this day to enjoy and appreciate eggs Benedict.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
April 16, 2020 Thursday
April 16, 2021 Friday
April 16, 2022 Saturday
April 16, 2023 Sunday
April 16, 2024 Tuesday

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