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National Emo Day

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Where is National Emo Day celebrated?  

National Emo Day takes place on December 19 and is celebrated worldwide by emo's and non-emos alike.

Who is National Emo Day celebrated by?

It is a day for emos to celebrate their subculture and for non-emos to pretend to be emo for a day.

When did National Emo Day first start?

According to history, the day's origin dates back to 1927. However, based on social media resources, National Emo Day's actual buzz and the celebration began on December 19, 2009.

Who started National Emo Day?

History states that in 1927, a group of Christians created National Emo Day to connect to 10,000 people. So, they decided to publicize a petition to create a holiday that would celebrate the life of emos. Read further and track more of emo's history.

Listen to some emo track in honor of this day.

History And Timeline

Emo subculture has a long history with unusual lifestyle, music, and fashion that goes back to 1980. Learn more about emo's history.



History Of Emo Day

As per the resources, in 1927, a group of Christian introduced National Emo Day to connect to 10,000 people by signing on the clause that they would celebrate the life of emos.


Beginning Of First Wave

Rites of Spring, a hardcore punk band of Washington, DC, released their only album, which was known as 'emotional hardcore' or 'emocore.' It later became the greatest inspiration to emo musicians.


Release Of Pinkerton Album

American rock band Weezer's Pinkerton album got the biggest number of welcome from the young kids with sadness for their alternative approach to songs. Pinkerton is the album that established the emo look.



The year saw enormous sales for the Weezer albums causing Spin magazine to declare it 'the year of emo.'

December 19, 2009

National Emo Day

This year, National Emo Day was widely quoted and celebrated unofficially as Emo Day among their community.

Traditions And Customs

It can be the day you try to learn about emo's life and their sub-culture. So if you love challenges, experience the life of emo adapting to their sub-culture, from dressing like skinny jeans to their daily life emotions, just for this National Emo Day.

In most people's eyes, emo's look different and left alone. But the first thing we must learn is that being different makes people special and unique. So, on this day, with the emo kid, a Happy Emo Day and spread your love with hugs.

Finally, on National Emo Day, listen to the emo anthem 'Welcome to The Black Parade' by My Chemical Romance. The song symbolizes all that emo is meant to be, i.e., dark, dramatic, and empathetic.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Emo Day

The best way to celebrate different cultures is to observe their culture, food, lifestyle, and dressing.

Listen to some emo songs like Fall Out Boy, Dirty Little Secret, My Chemical Romance, or The Used on this National Emo Day. What do you know? They might come as a surprise.

In middle school, most people would have been on emo phase (full of sad emotions), and it usually would have lasted a year. So bring up that closet of dresses and wear a black shirt, rock skinny jeans, and retro sneakers; post pictures on social media with #NationalEmoDay to tell the world about their fun pop culture; they love it! 

Facts And Stats

  • Though there are no records of who started the emo day, the idea of celebration may have begun during the wide celebration of the Pinkerton Album release.
  • The emo culture is known as 'emotional or pop-punk' that began long back in the mid-19th century. But their culture is recognized and celebrated widely after Emo Day.
  • Emos introduced the art of selfies, even before phones even had a selfie option, and their community first started the size zero pants style for both men and women. Like their unique culture, they commemorated national day to honor their emo movement.

FAQs About National Emo Day

What is the motto of the National Emo Day?

To recognize the rich involvement of emo movements and gain a greater appreciation of its dedication to pop culture.

What are some reasons for celebrating National Emo Day?

Emo has diversified song offerings from mid-western emo to pop, rap, and screamo emo, making it fun and unique for everyone in the world. 

What are some events similar to National Emo Day?

Another national event similar to National Emo Day is Pop Music Chart Day, celebrated on January 4.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
December 19, 2021 Sunday
December 19, 2022 Monday
December 19, 2023 Tuesday
December 19, 2024 Thursday
December 19, 2025 Friday

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