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National Escargot Day

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Where is National Escargot Day celebrated?  

National Escargot Day is celebrated in the USA, France, Spain, and Portugal.

Who is National Escargot Day celebrated by?

 This day is mainly celebrated by escargot lovers. With time, the popularity of this french appetizer is increasing rapidly. So, it wouldn't be a surprise if the whole world starts celebrating this day and eating escargot soon.

When did National Escargot Day first start?

There is not much information available on the origin of this day. However, the food was mentioned in the world's oldest cookbook penned by Apicius. Back then, it was not referred to using the French word.

Who started National Escargot Day?

No one really knows anything about the creator of this event. But whoever it was, the person surely had good taste.

Enjoy this delicacy with your friends and family.

History And Timeline

Though very few resources are available on National Escargot Day, we managed to find some that are sure to intrigue you.

100 B.C.-200 A.D.

The Oldest Cookbook Mentions Snails

Apicius' cookbook, which is considered to be the oldest cookbook in the world, has a recipe for edible snails.

Around 50 A.D.

Pliny Mentions Heliciculture

The Roman author and philosopher, Pliny, wrote that Fluvius Hirpinus practiced heliciculture around 50 A.D. In addition to that, the author also mentioned that Fluvius Hirpinus used to feed wine and meat to the snails.


The Tsar Eats Delicious Escargot

The young chef Antonin prepared snails with garlic, butter, and parsley to impress the Tsar of Russia, Alexander I. The dish worked like a charm on the Tsar, and it marked the turning point in French cuisine.


Snails And the Us

For the first time, this French appetizer was introduced to the people of the USA.


The USA Loved Escargot

Escargots became so popular over the century that they represented a whopping $300-million-a-year business in the USA.

Traditions And Customs

What can be better than celebrating National Escargot Day with an edible snail prepared with butter, garlic, and sauce? Bon appétit!

This is the day to celebrate snails and the delight they bestow upon our taste buds. Activities such as learning about different species of snails and different types of escargot recipes would be perfect for this day.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Escargot Day

 There are many things that you can do to make it a day to remember. You can find out about the restaurants that serve the best escargot dishes, then visit one of them, or maybe even more. You can look for a good escargot recipe on the web and try to cook it at home. You can enjoy this food with your family. You can conduct a blind wine tasting competition with your friends and serve escargot to lighten the mood.

Facts And Stats

  • The white-lipped land snail is a species of snail that can only be found in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Also, there are a hundred other species growing in New Jersey that are unknown even to nature lovers. Maybe that's why so many people go there on National Escargot Day.
  • Archaeological studies indicate that snails were eaten by Homo Sapiens from the beginning of time. The most ancient shells found in surveys are around 30,000 years old. It's not surprising that we love National Escargot Day so much.
  • Every year, the French eat about 32,000,000 lb (14,514,955.84 kg) of snails, and most of them are eaten during the Christmas season and on National Escargot Day.

FAQs About National Escargot Day

Is there a national snail day?

Yes, it is known as National Escargot Day. It is observed on May 24.

Which country eats the most escargot?

Spain, Morocco, France, and Italy have the highest escargot consumption record.

What does escargot literally mean?

Escargot is a French word. It means snails that you can eat (edible snail).

Which European countries enjoy escargot day?

Escargot is considered to be an elite meal in France, Spain, Portugal, and Italy. The day is also celebrated by these countries.

Who invented the concept of National Escargot Day?

The creator of National Escargot Day is not known to us, but the first person to mention the food was Apicius.

How ethical is escargot day?

It is completely fine to observe the day.

Why do people celebrate escargot day?

The day is celebrated because escargot is considered to be a delicacy, and many countries across the world like to eat the dish.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 24, 2020 Sunday
May 24, 2021 Monday
May 24, 2022 Tuesday
May 24, 2023 Wednesday
May 24, 2024 Friday

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