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National Eyewear Day

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Where is National Eyewear Day celebrated?  

 National Eyewear Day is celebrated everywhere across the USA.

Who celebrates National Eyewear Day?

Eyewear enthusiasts and eye health professionals observe the celebration of National Eyewear Day.

When did National Eyewear Day start?

 National Eyewear Day was first established on June 6, 2016.

Who started National Eyewear Day?

 Zyloware Eyewear first established National Eyewear Day to promote the importance of eye health and the benefits of improved vision.

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History And Timeline

Now that we've reflected on the history of National Eyewear Day let's look at the interesting timeline mentioned below.

12th Century

First Sunglasses Invented

The Chinese were the first to invent sunglasses which comprised a crude slab of smoked quartz which helped block out the sun rays.

13th Century

Invention Of Frames

Actual date being in dispute, it is generally accepted that the first pair of remedial eyeglasses were invented in Italy between 1268-1300.


Soft Contact Lenses

Made of soft, supple plastic material which allows oxygen to pass through the cornea, contact lenses were first invented in the '60s.


Use Of Laser Technology

The first state to approve the use of laser technology for optometrists was Oklahoma.

Traditions And Customs

Appropriate prescription lenses can prove to be beneficial to protect your overall health. Many people take time from their busy schedule to visit their local optometrist, who can help determine whether or not their eyes could use some assistance.

Many people also donate their old frames to Lion's Club International, which accepts eyewear donations that help give new life to old frames. Many sources mention that individuals who wear glasses tend to appear smarter than usual; well, it's all about your attitude!

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Eyewear Day

Many local events, brand promotions, deals, and other activities can celebrate National Eyewear Day.

You can also try some new frame styles that suit you according to your face shape. Visit your nearest optics store and celebrate this event with your friends by helping them find a new style of glasses that they prefer.

Facts And Stats

  • On National Eyewear Day in 2021, Zyloware invited eyewear enthusiasts and all ECPs to celebrate the sixth annual National Eyewear Day on June 6.
  • On this day, the Vision Council uplifts industry and members to participate in National Eyewear Day by posting on social media channels using hashtags.
  • One amazing fact to remember on this day is that the most expensive sunglasses ever sold were made with 2.11 oz (60 g) of 24K gold and 51 four-carat diamonds. These sunglasses comprise jeweled Chopard frames that got sold for $365,520.
  • On this day, Optical Academy teamed up and hosted a community event to celebrate Zyloware's 95th anniversary.

FAQs About National Eyewear Day

What is the significance of National Eyewear Day?

The significance of this day is that it promotes the importance of eye health and the ways to eradicate the problems by utilizing eyeglasses.

How does National Eyewear Day affect people psychologically/emotionally?

This day motivates people to take care of their eyesight and encourages them to wear glasses of new styles.

How is National Eyewear Day different from Different Colored Eyes Day?

National Eyewear Day focuses on eyewear, and Different Colored Eyes Day focuses on the condition called heterochromia.

What is the history and origin of National Eyewear Day?

The history and origin of this day can be traced back to June 6, 2016, when Zyloware first intended to celebrate this day to promote the significance of healthy eyesight.

Why do people love National Eyewear Day?

People love this day because they get to appreciate a medium through which they can see clearer and better and its impact on many lives.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
June 06, 2020 Saturday
June 06, 2021 Sunday
June 06, 2022 Monday
June 06, 2023 Tuesday
June 06, 2024 Thursday

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