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National Farmers Day

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Where is National Farmer's Day celebrated?

National Farmer's Day is celebrated throughout the United States of America to pay tribute to the diligence and hard work of local farmers. October 12 is considered the perfect time to appreciate the efforts of farmers. It is in the mid-harvest season at a time when farmers work for the longest hours to seek ripe crops in abundance.

Who is National Farmer's Day celebrated by?

People throughout America celebrate National Farmer's Day, including the American Government. Many small towns and cities in the United States celebrate their own Farmer's Days on dates scattered throughout the year.

When did National Farmer's Day first start?

National Farmer's Day started during the early 19th century. This day was previously called Old Farmer's Day and was celebrated when agriculture was the most significant occupation.

Who started National Farmer's Day?

Although the exact origins of National Farmer's Day are unknown, we do know that its roots date back to the early 19th century, when this day was known as Old Farmers Day.

(Farmers work tirelessly to provide us with the best produce.)

History And Timelines

The annual celebration of National Farmers Day involves quite a number of interesting historical facts, some of which are down below.


Establishment Of Agriculture Committee

In order to oversee and resolve the various agricultural issues in the U.S., this committee was created. Its first chairman was Thomas Forrest.


Agriculture, Nutrition, And Forestry Senate Committee

Keeping in mind the importance of agriculture, Senator William Findlay, after long debates, became successful in persuading the entire Senate to form the Committee on Agriculture, which essentially focused on solving various issues related to farms.


Completion Of First Agricultural Census

The first U.S. Agricultural Census helped government authorities and trade associations to carry out significant plans for future farm policies.


Department Of Agricultural Committee Founded

The people's department was established, which is responsible for planning and executing federal laws for farming and forestry.


National Farmer's Union Formation

Ten family farmers formed the NFU in Texas for practicing fair market access to the local farmer and voting rights for women.

Traditions And Customs

The national holiday on October 12 is an important celebration day when people throughout the country honor hardworking farmers. People celebrate this day either by visiting small-town festivals, which showcases the history of farmers or by investing in cooperative farming.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Farmer's Day

There are a number of ways to celebrate National Farmers Day, like making contributions to the farmers in your city. These can include a basket full of goodies, some winter clothes, or organizing a tour to ranches and farms where you can thank farmers in person. You can also collect funds from your community for farmers and their families in order to support their dreams.

Facts And Stats

  • Local farmers perform the oldest tradition in the world and work tirelessly to feed the population. They are highly dedicated to their work in order to grow the perfect produce. That is why we celebrate them on this day.
  • Farming requires investment, pieces of equipment, an ample amount of hard work, and patience. Why not help your local farmers on this dyay?
  • More than $20 billion per year is spent by the U.S. Government on subsidies for farm businesses. This day raises awareness about this.

FAQs About National Farmers Day

What activities can be done on Farmer's Day?

Funds can be collected to support farmers; visiting ranches is also a great idea to thank them in person, and vegetables can be bought from a local farmer's market.

What day is National Farmer's Day?

October 12 is recognized as National Farmer's Day in the U.S.

What is the importance of National Farmer's Day?

This day is celebrated to appreciate the hard work of farmers who work day and night to serve good produce to us.

When was National Farmer's Day in 2021?

This day was on October 12, 2021, which was on a Tuesday.

In which countries do they celebrate National Farmers Day?

This day is celebrated throughout America.

How do people celebrate National Farmer's Day?

People celebrate this day by thanking the farmers and buying vegetables from local farms.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 12, 2020 Monday
October 12, 2021 Tuesday
October 12, 2022 Wednesday
October 12, 2023 Thursday
October 12, 2024 Saturday

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