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National Fast Food Day

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Where is National Fast Food Day celebrated?  

The concept of fast food was first introduced and gained great popularity in the United States. Hence, this unofficial holiday is usually celebrated by people living in America. 

Who is National Fast Food Day celebrated by?

Fast food is a vital part of American culture. To showcase this love, the American population all over the U.S. celebrates National Fast Food Day on November 16.

When did National Fast Food Day first start? 

It is still unknown and difficult to discover exactly when National Fast Food Day was celebrated for the first time. However, it is also believed that this unofficial holiday is a recently recognized tradition.

Who started National Fast Food Day?

Information about who initiated the first National Fast Food Day remains unknown, but the American masses do not seem to mind, as it is just another occasion to celebrate some of their favorite cuisines.  

Around one-third of children consume fast food items on a daily basis.

History And Timeline

The origin of fast food dates back to the time after the First World War when automobiles that were affordable came into existence, and drive-thrus became an interesting and popular idea. It is also believed that around the same time, Walter Anderson first began selling hamburgers out of an old streetcar body.

3200 BC

Take-out Windos Debut

It is suspected from some ruins featuring windows, leftover food, fireplaces, and a ton of bowls, that the Mesopotamian civilization were the first to introduce take-out windows.

16th Century

On-The-Go Tamales

There were street markets in the Aztec era selling on-the-go tamales as described in an account by the ​missionary priest, Father Bernardino de Sahagun.


Take-out Becomes Popular

During 1912, the term “take-out food” rose to fame for the first time via ​New York’s Automat restaurant.


First Fast food Restaurant

White Castle was opened this year in Wichita, Kansas. White Castle was the first-ever fast joint to open in the world.


McDonald Stops Counting Burgers

The McDonald chain stopped counting the burgers sold after hitting the 99 billion mark.

Traditions And Customs

There are no such traditions or customs that are to be followed on National Fast Food Day. It is simply a day celebrated to go out and have fun at a fast-food restaurant, and eat the wide variety of fast foods available all around us, for example, Burger King or Jimmy John's. An activity that can be turned into a tradition is deciding to take a night off from any sort of cooking in the kitchen and visiting your favorite fast food joints to enjoy the day, and have a taco or two.

Ways To Celebrate National Fast Food Day

Fill yourself with each and every fast food item that you normally do not try a lot on other days. You can opt for dine-in or take-out with your family and friends. Take your pick out of the wide variety of fast-food restaurants, like your favorite Burger King, McDonald’s, or Taco Bell outlet, and go for something that you have not tried yet.

Facts And Stats

  • Before you begin celebrating this day, be aware that there are around 3,00,000 fast-food restaurants in America.
  • If you are looking for McDonald’s specifically to celebrate Fast Food Day, rest assured you will get that Big Mac somewhere, as they have more than 39,000 locations spread on every continent except Antarctica.
  • But before you buy a burger, check your fast food spending. One study estimated that in the year 2021, Americans would spend over $225-billion only on fast food.

FAQs About National Fast Food Day

What National Day is Nov 16?

November 16 is recognized as National Fast Food Day, which is an unofficial holiday in the United States.

What is National Fast Food Day?

National Fast Food Day is an unofficial American holiday that the population celebrates in appreciation of the variety of fast food that is very famous all around the nation.

What is the significance of National Fast Food Day?

Celebrating November 16 as National Fast Food Day is just a way of the American population celebrating the beloved concept of fast food that has been popular among the masses for a long time now.

How do people celebrate National Fast Food Day?

To celebrate National Fast Food Day, people in the United States visit their favorite fast-food restaurants for dine-in or even take-out with their loved ones.

In which countries do people celebrate National Fast Food Day?

National Fast Food Day is an unofficial holiday usually celebrated by the people living in the United States of America as an appreciation of the variety of fast food that they love. 

Does fast food contain high calories?

It is well-known that typical fast food contains a very high number of calories. Hence, it is advised that one tries to consume a limited amount of fast-food items as a part of their regular diet. 

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
November 15, 2020 Sunday
November 15, 2021 Monday
November 15, 2022 Tuesday
November 15, 2023 Wednesday
November 15, 2024 Friday

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