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National Feel The Love Day

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Where is National Feel The Love Day celebrated?  

 National Feel The Love Day is a national holiday celebrated in September in every city of America.

Who is National Feel The Love Day celebrated by?

 This holiday is celebrated by everyone across every city in America, and in places around the world, in September.

When did National Feel The Love Day first start?

 This holiday was first celebrated on September 7, 2017.

Who started National Feel The Love Day?

 This information is unknown.

Grandparents' love is of the purest form.

History And Timeline

Let's learn some history about this day that celebrates love!

430 BCE

Power Of Love

Empedocles claimed that the four elements of the cosmos - water, air, earth, and fire - are influenced by the forces of love and war.


Aristotle's Thoughts On Love

Aristotle addresses love primarily in books VIII and IX of Nicomachean Ethics. According to him, Philia (friendship) is the highest and the most special type of adoration and spiritual essence.


Romeo And Juliet

William Shakespeare, an English writer and dramatist, produced his masterpiece "Romeo and Juliet," depicting two celebrated lovers.


Love Song

'You're The First, The Last, My Everything,' a song by Barry White, reached No. 1 on Billboard charts 'Hot Soul Singles' list.


Language Of Love

Gary Chapman, a family therapist, introduces a new idea of love in his work 'The Five Love Languages.'

Traditions And Customs

 The blaze of love is beyond anything else: powerful, intense, and overpowering. It can be a wonderful experience for some because they are with their love!

Partners take a journey back in time, reminiscing about their love. Some people even try again and send a message to their previous love about how they feel. Many people are compelled by memories to check in on their early loves and might get optimistic. Those still in love with their one and only enjoy keeping in contact, making new experiences, and relishing one another. As memories shape who we are, painful, joyous, or even hilarious tales might emerge from them. The experiences can't be replicated, but these can be recalled and passed down from generation to generation if requested of our own unique love stories.

Ways To Celebrate National Feel The Love Day

Write out your emotions into poetry or melody. To tell someone how you feel, send it to them today!

 Take your partner on a beautiful and enjoyable outing for a chance to show your love. You can also find gifts or make something for your partner.

Take a seat today, unwind, and enjoy your favorite love film. If you're of legal drinking age, add a glass of wine to the event.

Do not miss this opportunity to reach out to your friends and tell them how you feel about them, and they mean the world to you.

Facts And Stats

  • In 'Romeo and Juliet,' Romeo was in love with Juliet's cousin, Rosaline, but this has always been concealed from the world till today! National Feel The Love Day celebrated in September is an excellent opportunity to express how you feel about someone.
  • Love had been identified and talked about thousands of years ago, even before this day started in the year in September 2017.
  • National Feel The Love Day helps you save yourself from various disorders by confessing your emotions. For instance, a broken heart is not simply something you feel, but it may cause chest pain, heart failure, and even shortness of breath.

FAQs About National Feel The Love Day

What is the motto of National Feel The Love Day?

This day in September helps to share the lovable memories and moments with one another and make others, and yourself feel loved.

How do families celebrate National Feel The Love Day?

Families celebrate National Feel The Love Day in September by spending time with the family members, preparing food together, reminiscing good things and memories, and sharing emotions with one another.

How do couples celebrate National Feel The Love Day?

Couples celebrate this holiday in September by sharing gifts for a change, spending time together, watching a movie, and finding love by sharing how they feel about each other. For instance, appreciate each other.

Who encouraged the celebration of National Feel The Love Day?

This information about National Feel The Love Day celebrated in September is not known.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
September 07, 2020 Monday
September 07, 2021 Tuesday
September 07, 2022 Wednesday
September 07, 2023 Thursday
September 07, 2024 Saturday

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