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National Food Truck Day

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Where is National Food Truck Day celebrated?  

National Food Truck Day is celebrated in the United States and Canada.

Who is National Food Truck Day celebrated by?

All food lovers and food truck owners celebrate this day.

When did National Food Truck Day first start?

This day was first celebrated in 2016.

Who started National Food Truck Day?

This day was founded by Rick McNeely. In 2016, the Roaming Hunger Organization took over the day. 

Food trucks are mobile restaurants and can be found in parks, streets, and at special events.

History And Timeline

The non-profit organization, Roaming Hunger, developed this particular day. Its goal is to get people to eat at food trucks run by small businesses in their neighborhoods. Check out the history of food trucks below.


Lunch Wagon

Walter Scott invented the lunch wagon.


Manufacturing Of Lunch Wagons

Thomas H. Buckley manufactured various models of lunch wagons.


Food Trucks Become Popular

After the Great Recession, food trucks became popular across many major cities in the USA.


Change In Date

The date of celebrating National Food Truck Day changed from October 11 to the fourth Friday in June.

Traditions And Customs

The main goal of celebrating National Food Truck Day is to encourage and support hundreds of small entrepreneurs who own food trucks and ensure that your hungry stomachs remain full. On this day, food trucks provide several deals to entice people to come outside and enjoy the warm weather by indulging in delicious food truck gourmet meals. The deals remain for the entire week. So you can enjoy different foods for a week.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Food Truck Day

Support a food truck in your area by visiting it with your friends.

Try out different cuisines by visiting different kinds of food trucks.

Take a picture with your favorite food truck and post it on social media.

Facts And Stats

  • National Food Truck Day was once known as 'National Eat at a Food Truck Day' before its name was changed in 2016.
  • National Food Truck Day recognizes the challenges that food truck owners face. On average, they complete 45 regulatory procedures in 37 business days and spend around $28,276 annually on permits and licenses.
  • There are more than 30,000 food trucks in the USA. So, you would definitely not have a hard time finding one on National Food Truck Day.

FAQs About National Food Truck Day

What is a typical day for a food truck owner?

The day of a food truck owner starts early in the morning when they drive to their destination. At lunchtime, most food trucks open their windows for about three hours. When the day is over, the food truck is driven back home.

What is the most popular food truck item?

Barbeque is Americans' favorite food truck item. 

Why do millennials eat at food trucks?

Food trucks are popular with millennials because of the growing culture of snacking and on-the-go eating.

What is the significance of National Food Truck Day?

This day has special significance for small businesses that operate food trucks since it acknowledges the hard work they put in to ensure that their visitors receive great meals.

How is National Food Truck Day different from National Food Day?

While National Food Truck Day celebrates the food truck industry, National Food Day commemorates particular food items like sandwiches or muffins.

What is the history and origin of National Food Truck Day?

Rick McNeely created 'National Eat at a Food Truck Day,' which was renamed 'National Food Truck Day' when the Roaming Hunger Organization took over the holiday in 2016. This day strives to support small businesses. Until its current date, this holiday was observed on October 11.

Why do people love National Food Truck Day?

This day allows people to celebrate the summer outdoors by gulping their favorite foods.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
June 26, 2020 Friday
June 25, 2021 Friday
June 24, 2022 Friday
June 30, 2023 Friday
June 28, 2024 Friday

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