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National Forget Me Not Day

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Where is National Forget Me Not Day observed?

The day is nationally observed in the United States of America as a non-public day. A similar holiday is also observed in Newzealand. So, it's safe to say the day is for anyone who has lost someone.

Who is National Forget Me Not Day observed by?

Every citizen of the country observes national Forget Me Not Day as a salute to the returning wounded soldiers from the line of battle.

When did National Forget Me Not Day first start?

There are no factual data on when the day began, but it is found that the judge associated with the Disabled American Veteran Organization initiated the day in 1922.

Who started National Forget Me Not Day?

Judge Robert S. Marx created the day associated with the Disabled American Veteran organization to support the wounded returning soldiers who needed extended care after the war. 

Share your love and support to veterans on this day.

History And Timeline

In 1922, only a few services and organizations existed to provide support and care to disabled veterans, which paved the way to create the Forget-Me-Not Day to raise funds to support veterans.


Day of Remembrance

In 1921, Judge Marx, a disabled veteran of the world war, initiated a national day to create awareness of the sacrifice the wounded returning soldiers had made for their country.


Forget Me Not Flowers

In 1922, Judge Robert S. Marx's idea of National Forget Me Not Day began through a fundraising campaign for World War I veterans through the sale of the flowers organized by D.A.V.


Recognition of State Flower

Alaska made it the state flower to honor the pretty blue petals of forget-me-not flowers that stand as a symbol of love.


Similar Holiday

Every June 5 and June 6 since 2003, a similar holiday in the name of forget me not flowers has been observed in New Zealand.


Real Life Heroes

In 2017, more than 18.1 million veterans lived in the U.S. Also, this is the year when the U.S.'s last WWI veteran Frank Buckles passed away at the age of 110.

Traditions And Customs

As the day started as a fundraising campaign through the sale of flowers, keep the tradition alive. Buy a bunch of forget-me-nots and send them to disabled veterans.

What's a better way to thank veterans than to support them? There's always a volunteer program to show your support to veterans and hear their stories.

Most of the public is unaware of the Forget Me Not Day, so this year, take an oath to spread the word on social media about the day using relevant hashtags or share within your friends or immediate circle to bring awareness to this incredible day.

Ways To Observe National Forget Me Not Day

The only way to pay tribute to the day is to thank our disabled veterans and find an organization through which you can send a letter or a care package and share their stories on social media or with your friends.

And another best thing that you can do to observe the day is to support disabled veterans or their family members with finance programs. Or you can also sponsor a companion dog for a veteran with PTSD.

Finally, don't forget to send those blue flowers to your loved ones to tell them they are not forgotten.

Facts And Stats

  • More than a million veterans from World War II and military service officers benefit from fundraising campaigns initiated in honor of Forget Me Not Day.
  • The youngest World War I soldier was a 12-year-old British boy.
  • Judge Robert S. Mark was the first leader of the D.A.V. organization. He was himself a disabled veteran of the great war.

FAQs About National Forget Me Not Day

What are some events similar to National-Forget-Me-Not Day?

A similar event is observed in New Zealand every June 5 and 6 in the name of Forget-Me-Not Day.

What is the importance of observing Forget-Me-Not Day?

National Forget-Me-Not Day is especially important for veterans who have been injured in the great war.

What are some reasons for observing this day?

The day should be observed in honor of all the warriors who have put their lives on the line for their country.

How does the day support injured soldiers?

The day is initiated for raising funds for disabled soldiers.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
November 09, 2021 Tuesday
November 09, 2022 Wednesday
November 09, 2023 Thursday
November 09, 2024 Saturday
November 09, 2025 Sunday

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