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National German Chocolate Cake Day

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Where is National German Chocolate Cake Day celebrated?

National German Chocolate Day is celebrated in America, where this delicacy was created by Baker’s chocolate company. The event is enjoyed by non-Americans as well who enjoy feasting on this lavish, creamy dessert.

Who is National German Chocolate Cake Day celebrated by?

National German Chocolate Cake Day is celebrated by its lovers in the United States and in other countries where it is famous.

When did National German Chocolate Cake Day first start?

It is unknown how this celebration initially kicked off, however, June 11 is being celebrated as National German Chocolate Cake Day. This year's event is on Saturday, June 11, 2022.

Who started National German Chocolate Cake Day?

The exact answer is unknown but perhaps a group of dedicated German chocolate cake lovers who are proud of America’s contribution to the history of cakes decided to celebrate National German Chocolate Cake Day.
It is an American dessert whom people misunderstood to be German because of its name.

History And Timeline

There is some recorded history about how this chocolate cake was invented however, we are not sure about the person who initially created this dessert.


Invention Of Chocolate 

Cocoa was consumed in other countries for centuries, but it was introduced in America during this time. Dr. James Baker is credited with the invention of chocolate in America.


German Chocolate

Samuel German developed dark baking chocolate for Baker’s chocolate company. This dark chocolate was used for baking cakes during the 1850s.

June 3, 1957

German’s Chocolate Cake

Mrs. George Clay penned down a recipe for a chocolate cake that had German chocolate as the main ingredient. The recipe became an instant hit in the baking community. With time, the 's' was dropped from the name and the cake was simply known as 'German chocolate cake'.

January 2020

Longest Cake

The world's longest cake is baked in India.

June 11, 2021

National German Chocolate Cake Day

National German Chocolate Cake Day has been celebrated by cake lovers and the baking community for many years.

Tradition And Customs 

The earlier chocolate cake was baked with flour, sugar, butter, cocoa powder, baking soda, egg yolk, and cream frosting. With the invention of Germany’s chocolate, the scene in the baking industry was changed. This baking chocolate provides a sweet, creamy texture to the cakes compared to regular chocolate. The cake contains coconut pecan frosting, giving it a very American flavor as pecans are native to America. On this day, you can try baking a cake with your family and make it your personal tradition.

Ways To Celebrate National German Chocolate Cake Day

Bring out your baking tools and ingredients including baking soda, flour, butter, sugar, and German chocolate, and bake your own cake following famous cake recipes available online to celebrate National German Chocolate Cake Day.

Visit Baker’s Chocolate Company, the creator of this recipe, to try out the original German cake.

Participate in a baking competition online by sharing pictures of your cake with the National German Chocolate Cake Day hashtag.

Facts And Stats

  • National German Chocolate Cake Day is celebrated by bakers across the USA.
  • Many bakeries offer great discounts on National German Chocolate Cake Day.
  • National German Chocolate Cake Day celebrates the invention of this amazing dessert of the 20th century.


FAQs About National German Chocolate Cake Day

Why do they call it German chocolate?

This chocolate is called German chocolate because its recipe was created by a man called Samuel German.

When is National German Chocolate Cake Day celebrated?

Every year, June 11 is observed as National German Chocolate Cake Day to celebrate this chocolate cake.

What is special about German chocolate cake?

German chocolate cake’s specialty lies in its icing that is made from creamy pecan nuts and coconut frosting layered with chocolate. In addition to this, the base of the cake is made from egg yolks and evaporated milk.

What is the difference between regular chocolate and German chocolate?

German chocolate contains higher levels of sugar than other semi-sweet chocolates available. Semi-sweet chocolates made in Germany have 60 % more sugar than any other chocolates.

What do they call German chocolate cake in Germany?

German chocolate cake in Germany is known as ‘German’s Chocolate Cake.’

What is German cake called?

German cake is called German chocolate cake.

What flavor is German chocolate cake?

 German chocolate cake has a light chocolate taste and is covered in pecan and coconut frosting, giving it a nutty taste as well.

What is a substitute for German chocolate?

Semi-sweet chocolate or raw chocolate is a good substitute for German chocolate.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
June 11, 2020 Thursday
June 11, 2021 Friday
June 11, 2022 Saturday
June 11, 2023 Sunday
June 11, 2024 Tuesday

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