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National Hand Holding Day

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Where is National Hand Holding Day celebrated?

National Hand Holding Day is observed all over the USA every year.

Who is National Hand Holding Day celebrated by?

 The day is observed every year, and everyone is free to join in. Children, young adults, adults, and elderly people can all benefit from holding someone's hand.

When did National Hand Holding Day first start?

There isn't much information out there about the first National Hand Holding Day. The date of the initial event remains a mystery.

Who started National Hand Holding Day?

Just like the date of the first event, the creator of National Hand Holding Day is unknown.

Let your dear ones know that you care about them.

History And Timeline

 Though there is very little information available about National Hand Holding Day, some events have come up during our research that you will surely love to read about.


May 68

In France, student protests led to a period of civil unrest. All the students of the country came together hand in hand and protested for seven long weeks, causing the President to flee the country and the French economy to halt.

June 26, 1997

Harry, Hermione, And Ron

On this day, 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' was published. The book gave the world one of the best examples of friendship ever. The story of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ronald Weasley won the heart of every child and adult, making the three names unforgettable.

December 17, 1997

Jack And Rose

'Titanic', the film, was released on this day. On the one hand, the film narrated a fictional account of a true historical event, and on the other, it told one of the best tragic love stories of all time.


Peter Parker, The Hero

In 2002, the first film in the Spider-Man series starring Toby Maguire was released. It portrayed friendship, love, and courage, everything that is related to Hand Holding Day.


End Of Harry Potter

The journey of Harry, Hermione, and Ron came to an end. The whole series showed us the importance of friendship and how good friends can change your life.

Traditions And Customs

It is completely wrong to think that this day excludes single people. Hand holding is a gesture that can be shared between anyone regardless of age, gender, and marital status.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Hand Holding Day

 The best thing to do on this day is to hold the hands of your loved ones to let them know how much you care about them. You can share this experience with your parents, your siblings, your friends, your partner, or your children. You can also post something nice on social media to encourage other people to celebrate the day every year.

Facts And Stats

  • In 2006 and 2009, two scientific studies showed that holding hands has many benefits; mainly, it reduces stress and pain. These are some of the benefits of celebrating National Hand Holding Day.
  • National Hand Holding Day and Join Hands Day are different. Some people confuse them with each other.
  • National Hand Holding Day can be celebrated by everyone and not just couples.

FAQs About National Hand Holding Day

What is National Hand Holding Day?

National Hand Holding Day is an event observed every year that celebrates the act of holding hands between children, couples, parents, and elderly people.

What day is National Hand Holding Day?

In 2022, National Hand Holding Day is on a Tuesday.

What are some advantages of celebrating National Hand Holding day?

By observing the day, we celebrate how hand-holding helps us in different situations, be it a happy moment or a sad one, whether we are pleased or in pain.

Why are some people excited about National Hand Holding day?

It's a beautiful event to celebrate with your significant other, your children, and your friends.

What does National Hand Holding day signify?

It signifies that holding hands is a beautiful gesture used for sharing love, affection, and trust.

What do people say about National Hand Holding day?

People appreciate the event and try to create good moments with their loved ones on this day. 

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
August 09, 2020 Sunday
August 09, 2021 Monday
August 09, 2022 Tuesday
August 09, 2023 Wednesday
August 09, 2024 Friday

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