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National Handmade Day

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Where is National Handmade Day celebrated?

The day is celebrated all over the USA on the first Saturday of April.

Who is National Handmade Day celebrated by?

 It is celebrated by those who love handmade gifts and those who create handmade gifts. It can be celebrated by anyone, from those who enjoy baked goods and beauty products to those who practice artwork and woodcraft.

When did National Handmade Day first start?

In 2018, it was registered as a national holiday in the USA.

Who started National Handmade Day?

Amy Bierstedt, the owner of From Scratch Farm, started National Handmade Day.

Celebrate Handmade Day with handmade products.

History And Timeline

It was not long ago that we started celebrating National Handmade Day, but we have been using handmade items since we learned to sew.


The Industrial Revolution Begins

The Industrial Revolution began in Britain; it introduced new machines that had the potential to do more work than was possible by humans. From there, the revolution spread to other countries.


Opposing The Industrial Revolution

Again, in Britain, the Arts and Crafts Movement began. It protested against the injustice done to laborers and tried to resist the Industrial Revolution. Later, it flew over to the other parts of Europe, Australia, and North America.


Reign Of The Genius

In 1888, Charles Robert Ashbee set up the Guild and School of Handicraft in London. Some sources defined him as a 'designer, architect, entrepreneur, and social reformer.'


Formation Of From Scratch Farm

Amy Bierstedt founded From Scratch Farm, a family business, in 2013. According to Amy, 'It started as a family business with a dream of helping everyone make better, healthier, more organic choices for their body and home.'


Founding Of National Handmade Day

From Scratch Farm first celebrated National Handmade Day. Later it was recognized by the U.S. Government and was registered as a national holiday.

Traditions And Customs

Handmade products are pieces of art, and those who create these products are artists. These artists put a lot of effort into their creations, and to achieve good results, they have to practice for years. On National Handmade Day, let's do something to help them grow their businesses.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Handmade Day

 You can try to make something and gift it to someone special. You can also visit some local handmade artisan stores to shop in. Buy something for your parents and siblings, and maybe some toys for your children.

Facts And Stats

  • Handmade products are a part of the local economy. So, by purchasing handmade products, you can help with the growth of the local economy. This is one of the best parts of National Handmade Day.
  • National Handmade Day was first celebrated in 2018.
  • William Morris, leader of the Arts and Crafts Movement, anticipated the rapid changes brought about by the Industrial Revolution and established a group of interior designers and manufacturers. This can be a good topic of discussion when you celebrate National Handmade Day.

FAQs About National Handmade Day

Where can you donate new handmade greeting cards on National Handmade Day?

You can donate them to an orphanage or an old persons' home.

What are some reasons for celebrating National Handmade Day?

By celebrating National Handmade Day, you can appreciate and support the people who create handmade products. You can help them to sell more products and grow their businesses.

What are the limitations of celebrating National Handmade Day?

With people preferring the products of big brands and mass manufacturers, businesses for handmade products are on the decrease.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
April 04, 2020 Saturday
April 03, 2021 Saturday
April 02, 2022 Saturday
April 01, 2023 Saturday
April 06, 2024 Saturday

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