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National 'Have A Bad Day' Day

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Where is National 'Have A Bad Day' Day celebrated?  

National 'Have A Bad Day' Day is celebrated in the United States.

Who is National 'Have A Bad Day' Day celebrated by?

This day was created for those in the customer service industry as they have to be polite to their rude customers all the time, expending a lot of energy.

When did National 'Have A Bad Day' Day first start?

 The year of its first celebration is unknown.

Who started National 'Have A Bad Day' Day?

Thomas and Ruth Roy created this day to give salespeople a chance to break the monotony of saying 'have a nice day' every time a customer visits their store.

Mostly, customer service agents celebrate 'Have A Bad Day' Day.

History And Timeline

'Have A Bad Day' Day was created for customer service as a wonderful outlet to wish others a bad day. Read about the history of this sector below.


Industrial Revolution

The industrial revolution asserted the need for developing customer service teams.


Invention Of Telephone

Abraham Graham Bell invented the telephone that led to the development of modern customer service.


'Have A Nice Day'

The phrase 'Have a nice day' was first used in the movie 'A Letter to Three Wives.'


Launch Of Call Center

The first call center, Life Circulation Co., was started by Time Inc.


Customer Service Week

President George Bush launched the Customer Service Week in the first week of October.

Traditions And Customs

'Have A Bad Day' Day is one of the rare days when you can wish others a bad day, and they won't even mind. On this day, you can take off your mask and freely express your emotions. You can even play practical jokes on individuals by wishing them a bad day and confusing them.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National 'Have A Bad Day' Day

Confuse people by happily wishing them 'have a bad day.'

If you own a store, ask your employees to wish customers 'have a bad day.'

Openly express that you are having a bad day and share your feelings with others.

Facts And Stats

  • 'Have a Bad Day' Day might be loved by the customers in the United Kingdom as they dislike being told to 'have a nice day.'
  • 'Have A Bad Day' Day makes an enormous impact on customer service agents, especially since it is rated as one of the world's unhappiest jobs.
  • Sandi Mann coined the term 'Have a Nice Day Syndrome' to describe the company culture of suppressing emotions, inculcating the tradition of maintaining fake smiles. This is exactly the issue that 'Have a Bad Day' Day addresses.

FAQs About National 'Have A Bad Day' Day

What does 'Have A Bad Day' mean?

Wishing someone 'have a bad day' can indicate that a person is going through a bad day or is telling you that it is not wrong if you are going through one.

What do you do if you're having a bad day?

If you are having a bad day, don't worry. Remind yourself that it is normal, spend some time in nature, and tell someone how you feel.

What is the significance of 'Have A Bad Day' Day?

It emphasizes that it is OK to have a bad day and express how you feel instead of putting on a fake smile.

How is 'Have A Bad Day' Day different from National Everything You Do Is Right Day?

While 'Have A Bad Day' Day encourages people to open up, National Everything You Do Is Right Day inspires people to focus on their good deeds.

How does this day affect people psychologically/emotionally?

This day teaches people that it is OK to have bad days and express themselves openly. Similarly, it encourages people to consider the condition of those who suffer the most.

What is the history and origin of Have A Bad Day Day?

Thomas Roy and Ruth created this day to give salespeople working in customer service an opportunity to wish their customers a 'bad day' and relieve them of the stress of being courteous always.

What is unique about 'Have A Bad Day' Day?

This day acknowledges the challenges that customer service agents face while wishing customers in their store a nice day even when they are having a bad day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
November 19, 2020 Thursday
November 19, 2021 Friday
November 19, 2022 Saturday
November 19, 2023 Sunday
November 19, 2024 Tuesday

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