National Hoagie Day
May 5, 2023

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The National Hoagie Day is a special food holiday glorifying the delicious food, hoagie.

Hoagie is the official sandwich of Philadelphia, made with a long bread roll of Italian or French bread, which is cut into two and filled with ham, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, sauces, and other seasonings.

Many popular backstories have popped up that justify the origin of this giant sandwich. All of these stories revolve around Philadelphia and have an early 20th-century setup, which makes us wonder if hoagies originated around this time.

We assume Italian immigrants around the early 20th century brought the sandwich to the States. It was loved by the Americans so much that they started National Hoagie Day.

Where is National Hoagie Day celebrated? 

 National Hoagie Day is celebrated in the US, particularly in the city of Philadelphia.

Who is National Hoagie Day celebrated by?

 Hoagie lovers of Philadelphia celebrate National Hoagie Day. Bakeries and eateries that sell the food also celebrate this special day.

When did National Hoagie Day first start?

 While we know that National Hoagie Day falls every year on May 5, there is no information regarding the year when the day first started.

Who started National Hoagie Day?

Even though the day is enjoyed by all fast food eaters in the city, no one claims the credit for originating the day.

Hoagies are very popular in the US.

History And Timeline

 There is very little information regarding the history of National Hoagie Day, but people look forward to celebrating the day with eagerness each year.

Early 1900s

Introduction Of Hoagie

Hoagies were introduced by Italian workers posted in the Hog Island shipyard, and they became their staple food.


Hoagies In Restaurant Menus

Soon after its invention, the popularity of hoagie skyrocketed, and many restaurants around Philadelphia adapted the recipe in their menu.


Hoagies Cross Boundaries

The popularity of hoagie spread beyond the borders of Philadelphia and reached the Mid-Atlantic region.


Opening Of 'Wawa' Food Store

The first 'Wawa' food store was opened in Folsom, Pennsylvania. They sold hoagies outside Philadelphia.


Official Sandwich Of Philadelphia

Mayor Ed Rendell declared hoagies as the official sandwich of Philadelphia.

Traditions And Customs

The history of the origin of the National Hoagie Day is unclear, but the sandwich is associated with a long list of traditions.

Hoagie is believed to have originated from South Philadelphia but is referred to as a hero in New York City and Long Island, making National Hoagie Day a part of New York and Long Island culture.

'Primo Hoagies' offers excellent discounts and reward on eating hoagies on May 5. They also deliver hoagies to local service members on this day.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Hoagie Day

 You can celebrate National Hoagie Day simply by making a hoagie for yourself at home with a long roll of bread, lettuce, and meats-cheeses seasoning.

You can also visit your local deli with family members or friends to enjoy a classic hoagie sub sandwich. It is the day to enjoy the long bread roll filled with stuffing like vegetables, meatballs, ham, and cheese.

Facts And Stats

  • Apart from the National Hoagie Day, there is another day that celebrates hoagies known as the National Eat A Hoagie Day that takes place on September 14.
  • The National Hoagie Day is an alternative to Cinco De Mayo Day, which is also celebrated on May 5. Cinco De Mayo is of Mexican origin, and it is celebrated by eating salsa, chips, tacos, and burritos, which is quite contrasting to the way National Hoagie Day is celebrated.
  • National Hoagie Day is a great day to read some interesting theories about hoagie like - there is a theory that states that the sandwiches were made by street vendors using rotten bread and scrap meat and were known as hokie. Later, this term was pronounced as hoagie by the Italian community of America.

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When Is This Day Celebrated


May 5, 2020


May 5, 2021


May 5, 2022


May 5, 2023


May 5, 2024


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