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National Homemade Cookies Day

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Where is National Homemade Cookies Day celebrated?

National Homemade Cookies Day is primarily celebrated in the USA, but social media often shares interesting facts about the event, which has led a lot more people to participate in the same. It is celebrated on October 1 every year.

Who is National Homemade Cookies Day celebrated by?

National Homemade Cookies Day is celebrated by Americans and people from neighboring regions who share a mutual love for baking.

When did National Homemade Cookies Day first start?

The origin of this fun holiday is yet to be found, but the practice of preparing and sharing homemade cookies has been in culture since the beginning of cookie creation.

Who started National Homemade Cookies Day?

There is no record of the creator of the National Homemade Cookies Day.

Making cookies at home is an excellent way to celebrate festivities with loved ones.

History And Timeline

You can find the origins of cookies far back in history when people explored and experimented with foods to create new things. Recipes from back then are changed to bake delicious cookies; every family recipe has a different process to add sugar, flour, butter in different proportions for cookie dough. So let's look at its historical journey from regions miles away to our kitchens.

Seventh century

Origin Of Cookies

Cookies originated in Persia.

14th century

Cookies Became More Common

By this time, cookies were quite prominent in the market, and their distinct taste led people to buy them more.

16th century

Gingerbread Cookie Creation

The first documented gingerbread cookie was created in the court of Elizabeth I of England.

Late 1600s

Cookies Came To America

By this time, European immigrants brought cookies to America.


Chocolate Chip Cookies Invention

The chocolate chip cookie was accidentally created.

Traditions And Customs

The traditional way to enjoy National Homemade Cookies Day is by baking your recipe at home. Invite friends and family over to taste your delicious baked goods and have a good time.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Homemade Cookies Day

Bake all types of homemade cookies. Go crazy with your experiments to find the best cookie recipe to share with friends. Butter, candies, fruits, nuts, anything can work as long as you follow the proper technique. You can host events at home with friends to share your love for homemade cookies ask them to bring some for a cookie exchange party. Don't forget to share on social media!

Facts And Stats

  • America alone consumes over 2 billion cookies each year.
  • The chocolate chip cookie is the leading cookie of America.
  • Cookies' creation started when sugar became commonly available in Persia.
  • The biggest recorded cookie weighed 40,000 lb (18143 kg).

FAQs About National Homemade Cookies Day

What is the importance of National Homemade Cookies Day?

National Homemade Cookies Day celebrates the joy of baking at home amid the company of loved ones.

How do people celebrate National Homemade Cookies Day?

People celebrate National Homemade Cookies Day by baking family recipes.

Who invented homemade cookies?

Homemade cookies were reportedly invented by Persians.

Who started National Homemade Cookies Day and when?

There are no records for who exactly started the day and when, yet people have celebrated the occasion for many years.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 01, 2020 Thursday
October 01, 2021 Friday
October 01, 2022 Saturday
October 01, 2023 Sunday
October 01, 2024 Tuesday

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