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National Homemade Soup Day

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Where is National Homemade Soup Day celebrated?

National Homemade Soup Day is celebrated in the USA and other parts of the world that consumes soup as nourishing food.

Who is National Homemade Soup Day celebrated by?

Homemade Soup Day is celebrated by families and individuals traditionally making soup recipes as a meal.

When did National Homemade Soup Day first start?

There are no records addressing the first celebration of National Homemade Soup Day but the ritual has been going on for centuries.

Who started National Homemade Soup Day?

The initiator of the day is unknown. However, judging by their decision of placing the day in February, it can be inferred that the creator was an inhabitant of a cold country searching for warmth amidst vegetables and broth.

Everyone has their own soup recipe.

History And Timeline

Soup has come a long way from the times of early humans to making records in the Guinness Book of Records.

6000 BC

Earliest Consumption Of Soup

Archeologists have found the earliest trait of soup was that of hippopotamus soup.

18th Century

Origin Of Public Restaurants

Parisian cooks had set a number of public eateries serving 'restoratifs'; clear soups and bouillon dishes. This tradition further transformed and developed into present restaurants.


Introduction Of Condensed Soup

Canned and dehydrated soup was invented by Dr. John T. Dorrance of the Campbell Company. One needed to add water or milk to the mix before eating. Due to their portability, condensed soups became widely popular among colonizers and cowboys on the move.


Soup Reduces Inflammation

Studies have found the soothing benefits of hot soups to reduce inflammation. Certain medicinal properties in chicken broth reduce infection and inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.


Largest Soup Bowl In Guinness

A Vietnamese company has made a Guinness Record for making a huge bowl of noodle soup, beef pho, weighing 2,996 lb (1,359 kg) catering to around 2000 people!

Traditions And Customs

This day lacks any strict customs and celebrators enjoy their fill with a homemade soup recipe that protects them against the harsh weather conditions of February.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Homemade Soup Day

There are simple ways to celebrate National Homemade Soup Day that you can easily participate in with your friends and family. You can throw a soup party and cook a big pot full of vegetables like tomato, onion, garlic, chicken, heavy cream, or have a plain broth with loads of seasonings. If you wish to avoid cooking, make sure to buy soups from a local restaurant to enjoy rich flavors. You can also read books like 'Soup Day', or 'Chicken Soup for the Soul'.

Facts And Stats

  • This day is perfect to stay in and spend quality time cooking with your family.
  • The famous American singer and songwriter Alice Cooper shares his birthday with this fun day.
  • February 4 is also celebrated as Thank A Mail Man Day.

FAQs About National Homemade Soup Day

Who invented homemade soups?

The inventor of homemade soups can be traced back to early humans. 

What is the significance of National Homemade Soup Day?

National Homemade Soup Day is observed as a form of gratitude to food and nutrition strengthening the human body. The day is perfectly placed in February to beat the cold of the winter season. 

How do people celebrate National Homemade Soup Day?

People make homemade soup from scratch or use takeaways.

What is the history and origins of National Homemade Soup Day?

Soup is an ancient invention. The early humans used leakproof pots over an open fire to thoroughly boil the ingredients. Since then, man has accepted soups as an important food.

Who started National Homemade Soup Day and when?

The originator of the National Homemade Soup Day is still unknown. The day was first celebrated on February 4, presumably in a cold country. 

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
February 04, 2020 Tuesday
February 04, 2021 Thursday
February 04, 2022 Friday
February 04, 2023 Saturday
February 04, 2024 Sunday

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