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National Hot Tea Day

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Where is National Hot Tea Day celebrated?

To celebrate the amazing beverage that tea is, countries have their own National Tea Days. The UK celebrates National Tea Day on April 21, while the US National Hot Tea Day is observed on January 12 each year.

Who is National Hot Tea Day celebrated by?

People who love drinking hot tea and for whom drinking tea is a part of their daily life, celebrate National Hot Tea Day.

When did National Hot Tea Day first start?

The history of National Hot Tea Day is not very old, in the States, the Tea Council decided to celebrate National Hot Tea Day every year on January 12.

Who started National Hot Tea Day?

Tea has a lot of historical importance for the human race. The seeds of freedom of the States were sown by the Boston Tea Party.

You can host a tea party and invite your friends and colleagues who share the same love for tea.

History And Timeline

The history and legacy of tea are vast and very deep-rooted in the history of humanity.

2737 BC

Tea Is Discovered

The earliest records of tea can be traced back to ancient China, where tea was first discovered in 2737 BC.


The British Introduce America To Tea

Colonists brought tea to America and it became a sensation in the country.


Boston Tea Party

The British imposed taxes on imports, the ‘Tea Act’ of 1773 was the final straw that resulted in a mass revolt.


Lipton Tea Leaves

Thomas Lipton starts his first tea show in the UK.

21st Century

Green Tea

Green tea emerges as a favorite amongst tea drinkers as it can reduce oxidative stress in the body.

Traditions And Customs

The traditions and customs that are followed on this day include brewing your favorite flavor of tea. There are various types of tea like black tea, green tea, herbal tea, and white tea.

You can also try new types of tea and take out your best tea sets and invite people you love to enjoy their cup of tea even more!

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Hot Tea Day

You can celebrate the occasion of National Hot Tea Day by making yourself a fantastic cup of tea. Enjoy your day with as many cups as you want. Don’t forget to show the world your love for tea by sharing pictures with the hashtag #NationalHotTeaDay.

Facts And Stats

National Hot Tea Day is celebrated across the US in different cafes and restaurants.

The Tea Council of the United States started to celebrate National Hot Tea Day every year since 2016.

Various events are conducted across the US to celebrate National Hot Tea Day.

FAQs About National Hot Tea Day

Is there a National Hot Tea Day?

Yes, the Tea Council of America has declared January 12 to be National Hot Tea day.

Is January National Hot Tea Month?

Yes, the month of January is also celebrated as National Hot Tea Month.

When is National Tea Day?

National Tea Day is celebrated on April 21 each year in the United Kingdom.

What is the difference between Hot Tea Day and Iced Tea day?

Hot Tea Day is celebrated on January 12 and Iced Tea Day is celebrated on June 10 every year.

When was National Tea Day created?

The Tea Council of the United States declared January 12 as National Hot Tea Day in 2016.

When is National Hot Chocolate Day celebrated?

National Hot Chocolate day is celebrated on January 31 each year.

What are some advantages of having a National Hot Tea Day?

On National Hot Tea Day you can celebrate the invention of tea in China and know more about its rich history and culture, bring out your finest teapots, and enjoy its antioxidants, and other health benefits over a cup of your favorite tea.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
January 12, 2020 Sunday
January 12, 2021 Tuesday
January 12, 2022 Wednesday
February 12, 2023 Sunday
January 12, 2024 Friday

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