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National Ice Cream Pie Day

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Where is National Ice Cream Pie Day celebrated?

National Ice Cream Pie Day is celebrated all over America. 

Who is National Ice Cream Pie Day celebrated by?

The day is celebrated by enthusiastic ice cream and pie lovers, who need nothing more than a combination of these two for the day. 

When did National Ice Cream Pie Day start?

Well, the origins of this day are not yet available anywhere. But we are sure it started only recently. 

Who started National Ice Cream Pie Day? 

Despite best efforts, unearthing the individual's information responsible for starting the national ice cream pie day has been difficult since it is unavailable in any historical context. 

Enjoy the day by having this dessert with your family and friends with a mixture of toppings.

History And Timeline

The origin of ice creams may be traced back to the land of Persia, where people used to use frozen sweetened water and then cut it into small pieces, adding fruits and toppings. Other methods include collecting the nearby ice in winter and storing it in ice huts. However, this method became popular and was extensively used by the Greeks and Romans. However, the process of adding ice cream to the pie was first witnessed in Duluth, Minnesota, in 1885, in a restaurant called Superior Street, which experimented with serving slices of blueberry pie with a scoop of ice cream. Although this is merely the beginning, many stories are involved in developing the recipe, most of which happened in the USA. 

550 BC

The earliest record of ice cream making

The earliest history of ice cream making originates in ancient Persia.


The first combination of ice cream and pie

An excellent street restaurant in Minnesota serves blueberry pie with a scoop of ice cream.


Ice cream cones are introduced

The World Fair in St. Louis creates the world's first ice cream cone.


The invention of the electrical fridge changes everything.

Ice creams are made commercially available by inventing electrical freezers.

20th Century

National Ice Cream Day

National Ice Cream Day started being celebrated in July.

Traditions And Customs

Cooking an exclusively homemade, tremendous authentic ice cream pie. Having this delicious tasting pie with your family for dinner, cutting up the slices, enjoying the scoops with maple syrup, or adding some sprinkles to make it tastier are just a few of the many ways to make the most of the pie. In the USA, the tradition of making ice cream pies has been around since 1885; while the taste of this crusty and smooth pie is awesome, many people also prefer to buy it from nearby bakeries and restaurants. 

Ways To Celebrate National Ice Cream Pie Day

Some of the ways to observe this fantastic day include trying your hands at making an ice cream pie, or if you find that one of the nearby ice cream shops can give you the delicious ice cream, then, by all means, order it away. Give a random shout-out to your favorite ice cream that always manages to impress you with their excellent ice cream pie. 

Facts And Stats

  • National Ice Cream Pie Day is celebrated across the US on August 18 every year.
  • Various restaurants and dessert shops host events to celebrate the day.
  • No details are available regarding the National Ice Cream Pie Day founder.

FAQs About National Ice Cream Pie Day

When was ice cream pie invented?

It was invented in the year 1885.

In which countries do they celebrate National Ice Cream Pie Day?

Ice Cream Pie Day is a national day in the US only.

How do people celebrate National Ice Cream Pie Day?

People celebrate the day by coming together with family and friends, ordering a pie, or making one.

When is National Ice Cream Pie Day in 2021?

On Wednesday, National Ice Cream Pie Day in 2021 was observed on August 18. 

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
August 18, 2020 Tuesday
August 18, 2021 Wednesday
August 18, 2022 Thursday
August 23, 2023 Wednesday
August 18, 2024 Sunday

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