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National Iced Tea Day

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Where is National Iced Tea Day celebrated?

National Iced Tea Day is celebrated in the United States.

Who is National Iced Tea Day celebrated by?

National Iced Tea Day is celebrated by Americans all over the country and all the tea lovers who like it cold in the summer month of June.

When did National Iced Tea Day first start?

Iced tea recipes date back to the 1870s, but it wasn’t until 1904 that they became popular. Nobody knows when the National Iced Tea Day became a sensation.

Who started National Iced Tea Day?

Visitors to the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904 were greeted with scorching temperatures. Richard Blechynden, a tea plantation owner and trader at the fair, took advantage of the circumstance by offering chilled sweet tea (rather than hot tea) as a cold refreshment, and it became popular.

Add some lime and sugar to your drink and sip on it leisurely to enjoy the tea.

History And Timeline

The beverage was first launched at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, and its popularity skyrocketed. The popularity of iced tea grew even more during the Prohibition era when bars and clubs began serving it as a legal, thirst-quenching alternative to hard liquor, beer, and wine.


Traditions And Customs

Tea is a delicious beverage enjoyed either as hot tea or with ice. It is consumed in various parts of the world differently, and tea is served to guests as a custom. Some prefer green tea, some oolong, and some black, but they are all iced in summer. The tradition for making iced tea is to go all out. It’s as simple as adding a dash of flavor to create your customized iced tea.

Ways To Celebrate National Iced Tea Day

Make a cup of iced tea and share it with your pals. It’s also gotten more convenient than ever with many ways to make iced tea. Add mint, lemon, or fruit to create your own flavors. Host an iced tea party in the afternoon. Invite some buddies around for a cup of tea. Set up an outdoor seating area, bring out your tall cups and large stirring spoons, and make a handmade tea dessert as a treat.

Facts And Stats

  • The details of the founder of National Iced Tea Day are mainly unknown.
  • Different promotional events are organized on this day across the U.S.
  • National Iced Tea Day will be celebrated on June 10, 2022.

FAQs About National Iced Tea Day

How do people celebrate National Iced Tea Day?

To celebrate Iced Tea Day, first comes the selection of the iced tea from a list of tea varieties. People invite friends over and organize an iced tea with delicious homemade desserts or sit at home, alone, sipping tea and enjoying the ‘me-time.’

Is June iced tea month?

National Iced Tea Day is celebrated on June 10 every year. June is the month of scorching heat, and people often prefer iced tea to combat the heat. Hence, June can be considered as the Iced Tea Month.

When was iced tea invented?

It can’t be stated for sure the time of the invention of this beverage. During the 1700s, American southerners began mixing alcoholic beverages with iced green tea. 

When is National Tea Day?

National Tea Day is celebrated every year on April 21 in the United Kingdom.

How is National Iced Tea Day different from Cold Tea Day?

A type of cold tea is iced tea. It can apply to any tea that has been iced or cooled, even though it is generally served in a glass with ice.

When was the National Iced Tea Day recognized for the first time?

Tea has been around for quite a long, but it wasn’t until 1904 that iced tea emerged onto the scene and won America’s hearts and minds, which eventually led to the beginning of National Iced Tea Day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
June 10, 2020 Wednesday
June 10, 2021 Thursday
June 10, 2022 Friday
June 10, 2023 Saturday
June 10, 2024 Monday

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