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National Idaho Day

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Where is National Idaho Day celebrated?

National Idaho Day is celebrated in the United States of America.

Who is National Idaho Day celebrated by?

The people of America celebrate National Idaho Day.

When did National Idaho Day first start?

National Idaho Day first began in 1863.

Who started National Idaho Day?

The Idaho Historical Society started National Idaho Day.

Idaho has been home to different inventors who have made a mark in the world.

History And Timeline

Idaho is a state blessed with natural beauty. The celebration of National Idaho Day helps to remember the historical moment in which Idaho joined the union as the 43rd state.


Creation of Idaho

The president of America, Abraham Lincoln, created the place Idaho.


State Idaho Was Born

Idaho was proclaimed as the 43rd state to join the union, and it gained the status of a 'state.'


The Great Fire

Idaho lost millions of acres of land in the Great Fire of 1910.


Olympics Hosted By Idaho

The Special Olympics World Winter Games were hosted by Idaho.


National Idaho Day

National Idaho Day was observed by different agencies across the state and the people of the state.

Traditions And Customs

There are various ways in which people celebrate National Idaho Day. Idaho is a state rich in natural beauty. People generally visit the rocky mountains and the snake river in Idaho, spread their knowledge about adventurous spots there, and visit the vast lava field in the Idaho territory. Idaho is also known as the gem state. People spread the heritage of the gem state, especially about the bannock tribes and Nez Perce in Idaho, through social media. People also visit Idaho to understand the improvements in railroad technology there.

Ways To Celebrate The National Idaho Day

There are various ways in which we can celebrate National Idaho Day. You can visit the rocky mountain range in Idaho and enjoy the beauty of the Idaho territory.

You may spread the heritage of Idaho, like the bannock tribes and Nez Perce, the indigenous people in Idaho, to others via social media. You shall also understand railroad technology in the Idaho territory.

You can try out the adventures in the gem state, Idaho, spots like Salmon river at least once in your life. You can also share knowledge about the 43rd state in the union, Idaho, with your friends and family, like universities and railroad improvements in Idaho.

Facts And Stats

  • National Idaho Day is celebrated on May 17 every year by various people in the US who celebrate the occasion when the state joined the union.
  • National Idaho Day is celebrated to remember the occasion Idaho was proclaimed as the 43rd state to join the union.
  • On this day, different events are organized across the state, where state agencies also participate in the celebrations.

FAQs About National Idaho Day

What is the significance of National Idaho day?

National Idaho Day is very significant as it is the day that celebrates the joining of Idaho, the 43rd state, in the union. This day is necessary to understand, and help the rest of the world understand, Idaho's traditions, heritage, and culture

What is Idaho known for?

Idaho is known for its potatoes, trout, and precious stones. Idaho is also known for its natural beauty and tourist spots.

Does all of Idaho get snow?

Yes, all parts of Idaho get snow. Although the exact amount of snow that each location receives varies greatly depending on the elevation and the season.

What is the warmest place in Idaho?

Bruneau is the warmest place in Idaho and enjoys pleasant weather compared to other regions in the state.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 16, 2020 Saturday
May 16, 2021 Sunday
May 16, 2022 Monday
May 16, 2023 Tuesday
May 16, 2024 Thursday

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