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National JoyGerm Day

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Where is National JoyGerm Day celebrated? 

National JoyGerm Day is observed to promote kindness and positive thinking. This day is celebrated all over the United States of America every year.

Who is National JoyGerm Day celebrated by?

Since this day is all about spreading smiles and the joy germ, anybody can take part in this day. Furthermore, the several thousand members of JoyGerms Unlimited also take part in the celebrations of this day and help spread rays of positivity and happiness.

When did National JoyGerm Day first start? 

National JoyGerm Day was first observed in the year 1981. However, its official recognition as a 'national' day occurred four years later, in 1985. Since then, this day of joy and happiness has been taking place on January 8.

Who started National JoyGerm Day?

The idea behind the creation of National JoyGerm Day belonged to a woman of New York named Joan E. White. While reading a newspaper, White came across a couple who offered to worry on behalf of others for a specific fee. This triggered White into establishing Joygerms Limited, and also, this day. Her sole intention was to spread joy and happiness on this day.

Having fun and spreading joy is all that matters on this day!

History And Timeline

Continue reading to know more about National JoyGerms Day and happiness!


Beginning Of Happiness Research

Happiness research was conducted in various fields of study.


Establishment Of JoyGerm Day

Joan E. White established JoyGerm Day to spread happiness and joyful thoughts, more precisely, the joy germ.


Official National JoyGerm Day

JoyGerm Day was recognized as a national day in the calendar.


Expansion Of Positive psychology

Various scientific research was conducted to expand the field of positive psychology.


First World Happiness Report

The first World Happiness Report was published for the first time.

Traditions And Customs

On this day, members belonging to Joygerms Unlimited visit hospitals and nursing homes to spread joy, cheer, and laughter. Joan E. White herself sends out a newsletter acknowledging this day, as well.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National JoyGerm Day

The best way to celebrate this day is by making someone smile or laugh. Leave your house smiling, and make sure to spread your contagious positive vibes and happiness wherever you go. Further, you can also volunteer in various charities on this day to put a smile on the faces of those who are underprivileged. Even small acts of kindness are most welcome!

Facts And Stats

National JoyGerm Day was established in 1981.

This day was officially marked as a national day in 1985.

It is observed on January 8 every year.

FAQs About National JoyGerm Day

Who created National JoyGerm Day?

This day was created by Joan E. White in 1981.

What is the significance of JoyGerm Day?

This day is quite significant as it allows everyone to spread joy, peace, and kindness.

How is JoyGerm Day different from Random Act Of Kindness Day?

Random Act Of Kindness Day is observed on February 17 and is a reminder for people to do something kind for someone else. In contrast, National JoyGerm Day is all about spreading the contagious joy germ through positive thoughts and actions.


What is special about JoyGerm Day?

This day is special because it creates quite a joyful atmosphere where people are busy spreading positivity among their friends and even strangers.

What are the history and origin of JoyGerm Day?

This day was the idea of Joan E. White, who created it in 1981. Subsequently, in 1985, National JoyGerm Day gained official status.

How does this day affect people psychologically/emotionally?

Since this day is used to spread joy, most people feel quite happy on this day. Also, this day further highlights how spreading joy can make a person feel good inside. Hence, this day has immense positive psychological and emotional benefits.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
January 07, 2020 Tuesday
January 07, 2021 Thursday
January 07, 2022 Friday
January 07, 2023 Saturday
January 07, 2024 Sunday

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