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National Jukebox Day

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Where is National Jukebox Day celebrated? 

National Jukebox Day is widely celebrated in the US, specifically in San Francisco, California, where these music boxes were first created.

Who is National Jukebox Day celebrated by?

Music lovers celebrate this day by playing songs on jukeboxes. The day is also a staple for most people in the music industry and digital jukebox platforms.

When did National Jukebox Day first start?

The day was officially declared to be a day of celebration in 2017.

Who started National Jukebox Day?

TouchTunes decided to pay a heartfelt tribute to the first jukebox installation and thus started a yearly tradition of celebrating the iconic jukebox and its many powerful emotions.

History And Timelines

The first jukebox was showcased at the Palais Royale Saloon in San Francisco in 1889.

Music lovers need to know about the rich history of the jukebox before listening to records this Thanksgiving. Below is a brief timeline to learning more about this striking instrument.


Invention Of The Jukebox

The duo Louis Glass and William S. Arnold invented the jukebox, which was created with an Edison Class M Electric Phonograph and coin slot. When people insert a nickel, a song will play through one of the four listening tubes.

The '20s

Decrease In Jukebox Popularity

The buzz with jukebox started declining when the radio gained popularity in the '20s and '30s when the Great Depression prevailed. Once the depression subsided, jukeboxes climbed to the top, and the age was referred to as the Golden Age of Jukebox.


Jukebox Gets Its Modern Name

The name jukebox is derived from the root juke, translating to a state of wild movements and dancing. The southern states of America may have been its place of origin.


Silver Age Of Jukeboxes

This year initiated the demand for updated and tech-savvy jukeboxes. People wanted stylish and sleek models to showcase as a centerpiece of attention. These jukeboxes are mainly featured in neon and chrome, majorly influenced by popular sci-fi.


Jukebox Goes Digital

TouchTunes, a digital jukebox app, rose in demand for its innovative idea to offer customers a digital song library of 750 songs. One could surf, select and listen to their favorite songs to play to complement their mood.

Traditions And Customs

There are no strict traditions to celebrate this unofficial holiday. Just make sure to respect all music while you listen in public and appreciate the artform in whichever ways possible.

Ways To Celebrate National Jukebox Day

Celebrating this day is as easy as it gets; Hunt down the bars, restaurants, and jook joints in your local area for these music players. If you do not find any such juke houses, tune in to the TouchTunes app and other digital jukeboxes. However, you must enjoy this day with friends and family by playing songs that stir your favorite jukebox memories.

Facts And Stats

Around 75% of the records produced in America during the '40s and '50s went directly to the jukeboxes.

The first nickel-and-the-slot machine Louis Glass and William S. Arnold created made around $1,000 in the first six months of its launch.

TouchTunes is used by more than 65,000 restaurants and bars in America.

FAQs About National Jukebox Day

What is the most played song on a jukebox?

The Amusement and Music Operators Association reported Patsy Cline's song 'Crazy' as the most played song on a jukebox in America.

How are music lovers promoting National Jukebox Day?

People promote this day by consistently focusing on the jukebox and reviving the past. They also play records and the songs that once topped the charts.

What is the importance of National Jukebox Day?

This day is significant because it highlights music's importance in our lives. The jukebox is a classic example of the nostalgia of America's glorious past and is also a torchbearer of the new, coming-of-age devices built to celebrate music.

How celebrating National Jukebox Day can benefit music admirers?

Admirers will get an opportunity to venture into the profoundly nostalgic past and discover more about the genres and artists associated mainly with the jukebox. It is an excellent opening for youngsters looking forward to trying the classics. This day also provides a sense of belonging to music lovers.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
November 25, 2020 Wednesday
November 24, 2021 Wednesday
November 23, 2022 Wednesday
November 22, 2023 Wednesday
November 27, 2024 Wednesday

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