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National Love People Day

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Where is National Love People Day celebrated?

National Love People Day is celebrated all across the USA. It is observed annually on September 30.

Who is National Love People Day celebrated by?

National Love People Day is celebrated by people from all around the USA. This day motivates them to express love to everybody around them.

When did National Love People Day first start?

National Love People Day was first started in 2017 by the Lifeline Church.

Who started National Love People Day?

National Love People Day was started by the Lifeline Church in Chicago, Illinois.

Self-love is not a selfish love but a necessary step to feel happy. Develop good habits like eating healthy to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

History And Timeline

In 2017, the Lifeline Church, located in Chicago, Illinois, started the National Love People Day. They wanted to bring every member of the community together to express unconditional love. It honors the founders of the church- Pastor Reggividese and London Royal. They preached that loving God is equal to loving yourself and all the other people without discriminating based on race, color, origin, sex, age, or disability. The National Love People Day timeline is given below.


Love in Tennis

The tennis scoring term for zero means 'playing for love'.


Love by Beatles

The iconic song 'All You Need is Love' is released by the Beatles.


Love for Children

Love Our Children USA was founded in 1999.


Love Children

National Love Our Children Day is founded in the USA.


Beginning of National Love People Day

In 2017, National Love People Day was started by Lifeline Church in Chicago, Illinois. It was created to honor Pastor Reggividese and London Royal, the founders of the church who considered the world as a community.

Traditions And Customs

People raise awareness about National Love People Day and unconditional love on social media with #LovePeopleDay.

Many people help and support someone in need or visit an orphanage.

People say kind words to someone who needs support in life.

Many people raise funds and donate money to cancer research and other organizations.

Some people write poetry or create art to express love.

People exchange gifts with their loved ones.

People go to lunch or dinner with their friends.

People embrace self-love and start a healthy lifestyle.

People listen to an iconic love song or read poems inspired by true love.

People take their partners on a date night.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Love People Day

On this national day, you can visit an orphanage or spend some time with people in need.

You can create a post or blog to raise awareness about National Love People Day.

You can be a listening ear to a friend in need and offer kindness through your gentle words.

You can motivate people to preach self-love as it is most important on this national day.

You can give gifts to your family and friends.

You can plan a get-together with your friends.

You can donate blood at a blood bank.

Facts And Stats

  • National Love People Day was started in 2017 by Lifeline Church.
  • National Love People Day honors the founders of Lifeline Church, London Royal, and Pastor Reggividese.
  • National Love People Day preaches 'Love Everyone' without discriminating them on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, background, disability, or origin.

FAQs About National Love People Day

What day is National Love Day?

National Love People Day is celebrated on September 30 every year.

What is celebrated on September 30?

The following events are celebrated on September 30: National Love People Day, National Day for Truth and Reconciliation or Orange Shirt Day, International Translation Day, Independence Day in Botswana or Botswana Day, Boy's Day in Poland, Christian Feast Day, and Agricultural Reform Day.

What is the difference between National Hugging Day and National Love People Day?

National Hugging Day encourages people to hug their loved ones more. National Love People Day encourages people to express unconditional love for everybody without any discrimination.

How exactly is National Love People Day celebrated?

National Love People Day is celebrated in the following ways: People donate money or raise funds for organizations in need, people donate blood in blood banks, people organize a party with friends and family, and people encourage others to show love to people around them.

Who founded National Love People Day?

National Love People Day was founded by Lifeline Church in Chicago, Illinois, to honor Pastor Reggie and London Royal.

Who led National Love People Day in later stages?

National Love People Day was led by the Lifeline Church and members of the community of people from many religions.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
September 30, 2020 Wednesday
September 30, 2021 Thursday
September 30, 2022 Friday
September 30, 2023 Saturday
September 30, 2024 Monday

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