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National Love Your Body Day

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Where is National Love Your Body Day celebrated?

National Love Your Body Day is celebrated throughout America.

Who celebrates National Love Your Body Day?

National Love Your Body Day is celebrated by all the women in the United States.

When did National Love Your Body Day start?

The first National Love Your Body Day was celebrated on September 25, 1998.

Who started National Love Your Body Day?

National Organization of Women started National Love Your Body Day.

Media nowadays have moved forth to spread the message of body positivity.

History And Timeline

Let's get familiar with some of the significant events that led to the formation of National Love Your Body Day. This day is meant for people to celebrate love, kindness, and acceptance. It also creates awareness about how women have been viewed in society since time immemorial.

Late second century BC

The Depiction Of Greek Goddesses

Ancient Greek deities like Aphrodite were represented with small breasts, an elongated body, and a twisted figure.

17th Century

Curved Figurines Of Women

Painters like Peter Paul Rubens depicted women with curved bodies. His representation was impeccable, giving rise to the term 'Rubenesque.'

18th Century

Women's Cone-shaped Silhouette

To get accentuated body curves, women in the 18th century used to wear tight body-hugging corsets.

Early 20th Century

Slender Human Paintings

Renowned artists like Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse portrayed women with slender curvy bodies.


Foundation Of The Largest Feminist Organization In The U.S.

National Organization for Women (NOW) was created in the United States for the welfare of women.

Traditions And Customs

The National Love Your Body Day is celebrated by women who face challenges in their daily life. They share their story and body image to inspire others and celebrate the special day.

The media also plays a vital role in social stigmas. This campaign provides space for women and girls who want to share their problems. It also gives space to other women who can find solutions to all these problems.

Ways to Observe Or Celebrate National Love Your Body Day

This day is celebrated by women who post their positive body image and boldly share inspiring stories of their struggles. The NOW Foundation helps to spread positivity through sharing photos of the beautiful bodies of women who suffer from diseases, including eating disorders, to encourage women to celebrate Love Your Body Day. From their stories, girls from other parts of the world get their ability to stand up against the social definition of beauty.

Facts And Stats

Alongside establishing a day to celebrate our bodies and the way we look, the NOW foundation also works for women's reproductive freedom and the rights of a daughter.

The aim of this day is synonymous with NOW's message that in society, a woman's actual value can be measured through her strong willingness to personify current beauty levels and promote good health among women.

NOW Foundation celebrates National Love Your Body Day in the middle of October on the third Wednesday of the month to make women feel good about themselves.

In research conducted by NOW in 2012, it was reported that 80% of women in the U.S. are not happy with how they look. This seriously contributes to body image issues. NOW created the 'Love Your Body' campaign to challenge the prescribed social norms and change how women are portrayed based on skin color, weight, and other criteria.

FAQs About National Love Your Body Day

Is there a National Body Positivity Day?

Although there is no such day, February is regarded as the month of Body Positivity.

What is the Love Your Body Campaign?

Love Your Body campaign takes the initiative to encourage women and make them feel positive about themselves. It also questions the skewed media representation of women.

How do you combat beauty standards?

The best ways to combat the beauty standards set by society are by indulging in radical self-love and body love. Believing in yourself and focusing on individuality will boost your confidence.

What is the importance of National Love Your Body Day?

This campaign creates awareness about the various health issues, including eating disorders of women and how the pressure of society compels body insecurities amongst many young girls. It helps to encourage women and boost their self-esteem.

How are women promoting National Love Your Body Day?

Women are promoting this day by sharing their healthy body images and inspiring stories of their struggles in life.

What are the limitations in celebrating National Love Your Body Day?

The limitations in celebrating this day are set by the negative ways of viewing women and their bodies through media. Women are expected to look like perfect models, as seen in magazines or the entertainment industry. Due to the unrealistic beauty template and society's expectations, many women fail to participate in the celebration.

Who influenced National Love Your Body Day?

National Organization for Women Foundation influenced this day to celebrate every body type and promote self-love.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 21, 2020 Wednesday
October 20, 2021 Wednesday
October 19, 2022 Wednesday
October 18, 2023 Wednesday
October 16, 2024 Wednesday

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