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National May Ray Day

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Where is National May Ray Day celebrated?

The day is celebrated in all states of the US on May 19.

Who is National May Ray Day celebrated by?

All the people with the name Ray (in any part of their name) can celebrate the day. You can also celebrate this day with all the rays of sunshine in your lives.

When did National May Ray Day first start?

The day was founded in 1977 by the Broadway Residence.

Who started National May Ray Day?

Comedian Richard Ankli started the day to remember his brother Ray, who was born on May 19.

All the people with the name Ray (in any part of their name) can celebrate National May Ray Day.

History And Timeline

May marks the turn of winter clothing into summer clothing. May means it's time to welcome the sun back into the sky and get out. Read more about May Ray below.

600 BC

May Day

A similar festival that dates back to 600 BC, May Day is celebrated on May 1 every year in honor of May blossom flowers. It was a five-day festival dedicated to Goddess Flora.


May Poetry Blooms

The now-popular snippet on May flowers is first written in a poem about May Ray.


Ray-Bans Brand

American company Bausch and Lomb created the luxury brand Ray-Ban, which helps to soak in the sun's rays and provides UV protection.


Ray-Bradbury Books

Ray Bradbury is an American author best known for his highly imaginative short stories with a poetic blend. During the '50s, he released his novels 'The Martian Chronicles' and 'Fahrenheit 451,' which made the list of read-popular books


National Day

This year, Comedian Ankli observed May Ray Day on the birth anniversary of his brother, Ray, on May 19. He created the day during his performance in St. Joseph Michigan Broadway Residence show.

Traditions And Customs

On this day, get yourself outdoors, go for a walk or jog to the beach, or do whatever you can do to breathe in the warm fresh air. If planning a day-long trip is hard, there is always a time for a lunch or dinner party or even a small picnic with your family or friends at a nearby park and just lay in the sun.

Some countries even hold month-long harvest and music festivals. So, pack your backpacks and plan your trip straight to those festivals on May 19. 

While embracing the warm breath, don't forget to post your sun-filled activity on social media and use the hashtags #NationalMayRayDay.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National May Ray Day

It is the best day for a picnic with family and friends. It can lighten your mood. But, if you have your garden, put on those gardening gloves, get out your rusty tools, and plant something to celebrate life, growth, and rebirth.

When the sun is up, invite your Ray friends and buddies over for a breakfast or lunch party. The day reminds us to soak up some sun, so, on this day, do the same things you would do on a sunny day, but indoors. 

Facts And Stats

The founder of Ray Day is also the founder of Welcome Giving Day. The day is celebrated in November.

Just like May Ray Day, it encourages people to get out and embrace the sunlight. The emerald, the birthstone of May (as per Greek mythology), symbolizes rebirth and fertility.

May Ray Day, created by Richard Ankli for his brother, is actually the birth date of Ray.

FAQs About National May Ray Day

How is May Ray Day celebrated?

To celebrate the day, you need to get yourself out of the house and soak yourself up in the sun's rays.

What National Day is on May 19?

May Ray Day is observed on May 19 to celebrate all the rays of sunshine in your life.

What is the significance of May Ray Day?

The day is a great deal to many people and cultures as it indicates the marking of the true end of winter and the rise of a warm summer.

How is May Ray Day different from Sun Day?

May Ray is all about celebrating your ray of sunshine and welcoming the warm May blossoms. Sun Day was started to promote the experience of exchanging experiences about the possibilities of solar power between cities and countries.

What is the history and origin of May Ray Day?

The day was created by Richard Ankli at the Broadway residence in honor of his brother Ray in 1977. Now, the day is celebrated to honor the rays of sunshine in your life.

What is special about May Ray Day?

The day can be celebrated in honor of your sweet buddies and enjoy some time under the sun's rays.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 19, 2020 Tuesday
May 19, 2021 Wednesday
May 19, 2022 Thursday
May 19, 2023 Friday
May 19, 2024 Sunday

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