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National Memo Day

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Where is National Memo Day celebrated?

 KMJI Majic Radio was the first to commemorate National Memo Day in 1989. The Denver, Colorado-based KMJI Majic Radio station broadcasts on 100.3 FM. The goal of the day was to promote awareness about memos and how they are used in businesses. It is celebrated in Colorado, USA.

Who is National Memo Day celebrated by?

 It is primarily observed by those who frequently use memos. The goal of the day is to limit the number of memos sent throughout the office. It also expects that memo writers keep their messages to the topic and brief.

When did National Memo Day ​first start?

 National Memo Day's exact origin and founder are still unclear. The day, on the other hand, is all about those helpful memos that draw attention to numerous difficulties, issues, and worries while also serving as a useful reminder. 

Memos will come in handy for everything from marking important dates, addresses, and phone numbers to directions, grocery lists, and to-do lists. 

Who started National Memo Day?

 The observance was started in 1989 by KMJI Majic Radio 100 FM in Denver, Colorado, to draw attention to the mountain of memoranda that flooded the US workplace.

Memos, which range from a post-it note to scrap paper, are essential in a fast-paced environment. The word 'memo' is derived from the Latin word 'memorandum', which means 'it must be remembered.'

History And Timelines


Memo: A New Write-Up

Memo became a new category of writing letters, with the concept being introduced in the late 1870s and then getting momentum in the 1880s.


Increase In Popularity Of Memos

Due to a tremendous expansion in globalization and shifting global social environments, more widespread memorandums started becoming considerably more popular and widespread.


Presidential Memo

A presidential campaign document was written by Hamilton Jordan, an American politician, and was eventually used by President Jimmy Carter for his leadership approach.


Memo By Steve Job

For Apple's 100 Best Leaders event, Steve Jobs issued a note highlighting his accomplishments.


Modern World

In today's age, there is endless circulation on social media. Memos are best kept out of print when they contain confidential corporate information, state secrets, or impassioned sentiments.

Traditions And Customs

The business has a set of rules and regulations that must be followed at all times. Memo formats and ideas that are pre-determined provide consistency.

The whole point of National Memo Day is to have some fun with the simple memo and appreciate something that is rarely spoken yet has a huge impact on many people's lives every day.

From Gray Literature to Bench Memorandums, National Memo Day honors all types of notes! 

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Memo Day

On National Memo Day, draft a memo to remind yourself of a specific issue or alert others about something important that they must not forget.

You can even compose a note so as not to miss the upcoming National Memo Day.

You may also keep track of how many times you use memos to get a sense of how significant they are.

Facts And Stats

  • National Memo Day was established in 1989 by a Denver, Colorado-based radio station.
  • The goal of this holiday is to really encourage employees to write better memos so that they may lower their total memo output at work.
  • The objective of this day was to assist memory by recording events and observations in writing.

FAQs About National Memo Day

What is the meaning of a memo?

A memo is a brief official message delivered from one individual inside a business or organization to another.

What is the national day for May 21?

Every year on May 21, the United States commemorates National Memo Day.

What are memos used for?

Memos are normally used for one-page or shorter messages, but informal reports of several pages can also be written in this format.

What are some advantages to celebrating National Memo Day?

On this National Memo Day, it can be a refreshing change to give somebody you respect a physical write-up of communication in the form of a memo.

How do employees celebrate National Memo Day?

Employees are honing their memo-writing talents by experimenting with old and new formats. 

How can celebrating National Memo Day boost productivity?

It boosts productivity since note writers keep their communications succinct and to the point.

What are some events related to National Memo Day?

Creating brief messages and sticky notes are some events of National Memo Day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 21, 2020 Thursday
May 21, 2021 Friday
May 21, 2022 Saturday
May 21, 2023 Sunday
May 21, 2024 Tuesday
May 21, 2025 Wednesday

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