National Microwave Oven Day
December 6, 2022

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National Microwave Oven Day on December 6 each year is celebrated in honor of the invention of the microwave and its efficient work in preparing healthy food.

A microwave oven is an everyday kitchen appliance for reheating and cooking food. When food is exposed to electromagnetic radiation, a heating effect is created that is ideal for cooking.

The most useful feature is heating up the leftovers. In fact, heating up anything would have been such a hassle if not for this amazing invention.

Where is National Microwave Oven Day celebrated?

National Microwave Oven Day is celebrated in all states of the US on December 6.

Who is National Microwave Oven Day celebrated by?

Anyone can celebrate Microwave Oven Day on December 6.

When did National Microwave Oven Day first start?

There is no official declaration or documentation, but the first microwave oven was invented in 1945.

Who started National Microwave Oven Day?

In 1945, Dr. Spencer, an American engineer, invented the Microwave Oven when he was working with active radar.

Celebrate Microwave Oven Day by heating leftovers.

History And Timeline

There are no official records of the history, origin, and founder of the National Microwave Oven Day on December 6. But, the modern Spencer's oven has a long tradition of use. Keep reading to learn more.


Modern Microwave Invented

Dr. Percy Spencer invented the modern microwave oven while working with an active radar in 1945. He noticed that a candy bar kept in one of his pockets was melting and discovered that when high-powered microwave beams came together, a heating effect was created which was perfect for cooking. Spencer found that electromagnetic waves could be used to heat and cook food.


Radarange Patent

The first modern oven was called 'Radarange' and was sold in 1946, after Spencer patented it on October 8, 1945. It was over 6 ft (1.8 m) tall, weighed more than 700 lb (317.5 kg), and cost around $5000.


Countertop Microwave Oven

This year, Amana Corporation introduced a $495 countertop microwave oven for residential purposes.


Microwave Oven Culture

In the US, there were around 40,000 microwaves in use in 1971, which rose to 1 million by 1975.


Microwavable Meals

After microwaves started becoming affordable, microwavable meal recipe cookbooks were all the rage in the '70s and '80s. Statistics showed that by 1997, 90% of American households owned microwaves.

Traditions And Customs

The microwave oven cooks more than popcorn. So, on December 6, explore the uses of this handy appliance. We've also provided a few suggestions to get you started.

Since it all started with chocolate, start with melting chocolate, making popcorn, dipping your hot rice, or cooking simple foods.

Once all the idea testing is done, take some time to clean it up. First, steam a wet cloth and let it stand for a minute; this helps the steam soften any build-up. Then, to remove any greasy splatter in the oven, wipe it down with a little hot, soapy water.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Microwave Oven Day

To celebrate the day, start with the basic act of reheating meals or cooking a family dinner. 

Don't have a microwave oven or need an upgrade? Today is the perfect day to make that purchase and make the celebration even more joyful by preparing some yummy snacks with the family.

Facts And Stats

  • Microwave Oven Day can be celebrated by anyone worldwide, especially restaurants and airplane services. The first oven invented weighed 700 lb (317.5 kg) and was initially intended for restaurants to reheat food.
  • Shortly after the invention of the microwave oven, in 1967, Litton invented a home oven with a design similar to those used today. So, it is no surprise that we have a special day of appreciation.
  • An estimated 90% of homes in the US, with or without a microwave, are supporters of this day.
  • The first few things Dr. Spencer cooked in a modern oven were popcorn and eggs. So, it's an unsaid tradition to cook popcorn and eggs on this day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated


December 6, 2020


December 6, 2021


December 6, 2022


December 6, 2023


December 6, 2024


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