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National Mother Goose Day

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Where is National Mother Goose Day celebrated?

National Mother Goose Day is celebrated across the US by all the kids and parents who enjoy nursery rhymes.

Who is National Mother Goose Day celebrated by?

National Mother Goose Day was founded to honor an extraordinarily brilliant storyteller, Mother Goose, and the importance she had in one's childhood. Parents and children celebrate this day by listening to or reading fairy tales and rhymes to remember Mother Goose.

When did National Mother Goose Day first start?

The celebrations for National Mother Goose Day started in the year 1987.

Who started National Mother Goose Day?

Gloria T. Delamar started celebrating National Mother Goose Day in 1987 in order to cherish fairy tales and the memories they have created.

The translated version of Perrault's Mother Goose stories was published for the first time by Robert Samber.

History And Timeline

Ever since its inception in the year 1987, National Mother Goose Day has been celebrated with increasing enthusiasm every year. Here are some of the most important aspects related to the history of this day dedicated to the popular imaginary character:

850 AD

'Cinderella' Story

The 'Cinderella' story was first recorded in 850 AD. This marked an important stepping stone in the history of nursery literature.


Mother Goose Stories

Charles Perrault, a 17th-century French writer, is often regarded as the creator of the fairy-tale genre. It was in 1729 that his first collection of tales was translated into English.


'Grimm’s Fairy Tales'

This book, published in 1812, comprised of 86 tales compiled by the Grimm brothers.


'Mother Goose’s Melody'

First published in 1781, it includes numerous classic nursery rhymes that have not withstood the test of time, as well as those that are still well-known to us.


Mother Goose

Gloria T. Delamar published her book and founded it on this day in the year 1987.

Traditions And Customs

Parents and grandparents celebrate this day by singing rhymes and reading fairy tales. They enjoy spending time with their children by reading and teaching stories and tales.

Ways To Celebrate National Mother Goose Day

Prepare recipes from nursery rhymes, such as gingerbread men, or plum pudding.

Get together with the kids to learn a new song or rhyme.

Make sure you have crayons and paper on hand so that you and your children can sketch your favorite Mother Goose characters.

Recall 'Old Mother Hubbard', 'Little Boy Blue', and 'Humpty Dumpty', 'Hush-a-bye baby', 'Bah! bah! Black Sheep', 'Cinderella', 'Little Red Riding Hood' or any other rhymes and tales.

Teach new words to nursery kids and encourage them to take more interest in literature.

Make a Mother Goose hat and present it to your kids.

Allow your child to dress up and act out their favorite collection of rhymes.

Purchase some new nursery rhyme books featuring Mother Goose stories.

Facts And Stats

National Mother Goose Day is not a federal holiday but is still a popular national day in the US.

Different events are organized on National Mother Goose Day to celebrate the famous character.

The founder of the National Mother Goose Day was Gloria T. Delamar, and she published the book 'Mother Goose, From Nursery to Literature' in the year 1987.

FAQs About National Mother Goose Day

How do you celebrate National Mother Goose Day?

You can honor National Mother Goose Day by reading various fairytales and poems written in her honor.

What actors and actresses appeared in 'Mother Goose and Friends' (2005)?

Jolene Patrick, Jason Jones, Pat Harris, Terri Finck, and Sherri Bean, appeared in 'Mother Goose and Friends' in 2005. Jolene Patrick is Mother Goose in 'Mother Goose and Friends'.

What is the mother of a gosling called?

'Gosling' is a word for a tiny newborn or young goose that is still coated in soft, fluffy down feathers and is unable to fly. Although there is no specific name for the mother of a gosling or female goose, it can be called a dame.

What are some advantages to celebrating National Mother Goose Day?

The rhymes, which are frequently offered to tiny infants as their first introduction to literature, are supposed to help children learn to express their thoughts in a cohesive language.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 01, 2020 Friday
May 01, 2021 Saturday
May 01, 2022 Sunday
May 01, 2023 Monday
May 01, 2024 Wednesday

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