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National Near Miss Day

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Where is National Near Miss Day Celebrated?

National Near Miss Day is celebrated in the US and across various regions of the world. The day might have originated in the United States but holds significance for everyone worldwide.

Who is National Near Miss Day celebrated by?

This special date of March 23 is celebrated mainly by people with an interest in astronomy from the various regions of the US as well as the world.

When did National Near Miss Day first start?

Not much is known about when the National Near Miss day was celebrated for the first time. March 23 is celebrated annually to commemorate this historical event when an asteroid had a close call with hitting Earth.

Who started National Near Miss Day?

We do not know who started the National Near Miss Day, most probably after 1989 when the asteroid passed by the Earth. However, this day is in honor of all the second chances that life offers us.

The asteroid Asclepius missed hitting Earth only by six hours.

History and Timelines

March 23 marked when a huge asteroid missed striking the Earth, thus giving us all a second chance at life. Therefore, in remembrance of this event, people worldwide celebrate this particular date as National Near Miss Day.


Ceres Was Discovered

Asteroids are typically the by-product of the great process of the formation of the solar system. The first asteroid was discovered during this year by Giusseppe Piazze. It was named Ceres.


First Space Exploration

In this year, Sputnik 1, which is the first artificial Earth satellite, was launched to space by the Soviet Union.

March 22-23, 1989

Asclepius Passes By

On this year, the asteroid Asclepius missed hitting Earth only 425,017.9 mi (684,000 km). Had it hit the Earth, the resulting collision would have been equal to the explosion of 1000 atom bombs.

March 31, 1989

Realization After Nine Days

Only nine days later, the two astronomers, Henry Holt and Norman G. Thomas realized that the asteroid Asclepius passed Earth only by 425,017.9 mi (684,000 km).

21st century

Expeditions On Space

The event of March 23 urged many space programs of many countries to adopt new techniques. As a result, many space ships were built and sent to the nearby planets to study the essentials required to sustain the human race there.

Traditions And Customs

As interesting as this day may sound, we could not find any tradition or custom linked to this day. This is a special holiday meant for people who value the science of astronomy or are generally curious about outer space or to learn more about these curious phenomena.

Ways to Observe Or Celebrate National Near Miss Day

Every year, the National Near Miss Day is observed by everyone to celebrate life and make people realize how fortunate they are in getting a second chance at it. On this day, you can reflect upon the various second chances that life has offered you till now.

You can learn about the different asteroids found in space, or you can even share the story of how the asteroid Asclepius was so close to hitting the Earth and missed only by six hours. You can also try and share videos and pictures with your close ones of this particular incident.

Facts And Stats

On this day, the asteroid that missed the Earth was named after the Greek demigod of medicine, Asclepius. He was the son of Apollo.

Among other fun holidays, National Puppy Day is also celebrated on this particular day to raise awareness about puppy adoption.

The size of the Asclepius asteroid, which could affect us all, was (985.3 ft) 300 m wide.

This day educates us all on how harmful asteroids could be for the Earth. It was, after all, an asteroid which was caused the extinction of the mighty dinosaurs!

FAQs About National Near Miss Day

What is the importance of National Near Miss Day?

A huge asteroid was about to hit the Earth on this particular date and only missed by a few hours. Therefore this day is observed annually to celebrate life and all the second chances it has to offer.

What are some advantages of National Near Miss Day?

This particular day helps you understand just how valuable life is and also that humans have no control over the power of the cosmos.

What does the nation say about National Near Miss Day?

People celebrate this day by visiting NASA'S official website and educating themselves on all the mysteries of space.

Who invented the concept of National Near Miss Day?

Not much is known about who exactly declared this day; however, throughout history, this day has been celebrated largely by people from all across the globe.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
March 23, 2020 Monday
March 23, 2021 Tuesday
March 23, 2022 Wednesday
March 23, 2023 Thursday
March 23, 2024 Saturday

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