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National No Beard Day

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Where is National No Beard Day celebrated?  

 National No Beard Day is celebrated as a holiday in the United States.

Who celebrates National No Beard Day?

 National No Beard Day is celebrated by people who like to go clean-shaven rather than having a beard.

When did National No Beard Day start?

It is unknown exactly when National No Beard Day was started, as this is a holiday generated by netizens.

Who started National No Beard Day?

It is not known who started the National No Beard Day as this is like one of the holidays started over the internet by people.

Research says that men with the habit of shaving their hair and beards regularly spend around 3,350 hours shaving in their entire lifetime.

History And Timeline

A clean-shaven look is not a new generation concept. Humans have been shaving for around 7000 years at least. At the beginning of 1800, barbers used straight razors to shave the hair off. Though shaving was standard practice back then, most men still believed that beard growth was a sign of fashion. Beard removal became a trend in the United States in the 1900s. In ancient Egypt, shaving heads was a fashion, and both men and women did it. As per Military rules worldwide, its soldiers are required to be clean-shaven. This rule came into existence in 330 BC when Alexander The Great brought in this mandatory rule for all the soldiers under him to be clean-shaven.

4000 BC

Invention Of Shaving Tools

Ancient Egyptians invented tools like razors made of copper and, in some situations, even gold.

330 BC

Alexander The Great's Mandatory Rule

Around 330 BC, Alexander The Great made a mandatory rule for soldiers under him to be clean-shaven.


Clean Shave Became A Fashion

By the beginning of the 1900s, the cleanly shaved face had become a fashion trend.


Entry Of Gillette Company 

In 1904, Gillette Company marked its entry with the 'safety razor.'


Invention Of Electric razor

Jacob Schick brings into market his invention of the electric razor.

Traditions And Customs

There are no specific traditions and customs to be followed. Men who have been growing beards for a long time can shave and see how they look without a beard. Take a straight razor, shaving soap, shaving cream, and shave off that facial hair.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National No Beard Day

 The best way to honor National No Beard Day is to shave off that hair and realize how beautiful the face is beneath that hair. Get together with a group of friends and celebrate a 'shave off day' along with them. Most of the time, it's easier to make such difficult decisions in a group and do it together with friends. Visit your local barber to make this more stylish and get your beard shaved off. Getting a shave can also be done for men's hygiene to create awareness about the beauty of a clean shave look.

Facts And Stats

Some interesting facts are:

  • A study says that growing a beard promotes baldness as the chemical dihydrotestosterone's presence in the body aids beard growth but at the same time increases baldness.
  • More than 90% of America's richest men are clean-shaven.
  • A person who has a fear of beards is said to have Pogonophobia.

FAQs About National No Beard Day

Is it unprofessional to have a beard?

Having a beard is not unprofessional as long as it is properly trimmed and neatly maintained.

What is National No Beard Day?

National No Beard Day is a day dedicated to the people who prefer a clean shave look.

What is the significance of National No Beard Day?

The significance of National No Beard Day is to help men leave behind their inhibitions and go for a clean-shaven look.

Why can't firefighters have beards?

A firefighter needs to wear a mask for protection from smoke and other harmful substances in the air. Firefighters are not allowed to have beards as it is believed that the beard obstructs the coverage of the mask.

Are beards dirty?

Beards are not dirty as long as they are maintained with complete hygiene and cleanliness.

Do lice like beards?

Lice from the head do not generally penetrate the beard hair.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 18, 2020 Sunday
October 18, 2021 Monday
October 18, 2022 Tuesday
October 18, 2023 Wednesday
October 18, 2024 Friday

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