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National Numeracy Day

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Where is National Numeracy Day observed?

Every year, the United Kingdom commemorates National Numeracy Day. It's a special day to concentrate on the task that this organization does all year long: learning the importance of numbers in our lives. The United Kingdom attempts to emphasize how important numbers are in our daily lives. This can include things like what individuals watch on TV, what they read in books, or how they spend money in stores.

Who is National Numeracy Day observed by?

National Numeracy Day in the UK is being observed by pupils in school and college, as well as supporters, instructors, citizens, and organizations.

When did National Numeracy Day ​first start?

 Since National Numeracy Day was established in 2018, it has been observed every year in the United Kingdom.

Who started National Numeracy Day?

 The charity was founded in 2012 to try and help improve low levels of maths in people of all ages.

Numeracy skills are critical for rebuilding lives, skills, and enterprises in the aftermath of the epidemic

History And Timelines

Here is the detailed origin of this day!

12th century

Latin Translation

From the 12th century forward, many Greek and Arabic writings on mathematics were translated into Latin, allowing for the continued development of mathematics in Medieval Europe.


Myths About Maths

It was widely assumed until the '20s that mathematics originated with the ancient Greeks.


Origin Of National Numeracy

National Numeracy was a non-profit organization located in Lewes, United Kingdom, that promoted the value of numeracy and 'everyday maths.' The charity was created in 2012, with Perdita Fraser as chair and Andy Haldane as vice-chair.



Rachel Riley, economic reporter Martin Lewis of Personal Finance Expert, writer, television personality, Great British Bake Off 2020 winner Peter Sawkins, and poet and comedian Harry Baker were among the celebrities who support National Numeracy. Even in 2015, Rachel Riley emphasized the necessity of arithmetic abilities.


National Numeracy Day Today

Sam Sims, the company's current CEO, took over from Mike Ellicock in 2020.

Traditions And Customs

The goal of National Numeracy Day is to celebrate numbers while also encouraging people to improve their numeracy skills.

People may participate in National Numeracy Day whether they are in school, a company, a family, or an individual.

You can try your hand at some numerical puzzles or quizzes, or enroll in a free online numeracy skills course to commemorate National Numeracy Day.

National Numeracy Day is the perfect opportunity to focus on brushing up on critical numerical abilities on the job and at school, and it's also an opportunity to have some excitement with numbers at home.

Ways To Observe National Numeracy Day

National Numeracy has created its own National Numeracy Day Challenge, which anyone can participate in. For the National Numeracy Challenge, you can sign up and participate in the challenge, but there's no better time than now to start honing your skills! It's a perfect way to get started regardless of your confidence or ability level.

There are numerous numeracy resources available on free online maths websites to assist you in having a fun-filled day. With addition and subtraction to 100-word problem challenge cards, you can enjoy a classroom or home challenge.

Facts And Stats

So far 190,000 people have signed up to help improve their numeracy skills. Join them on this day!

In 2018, KPMG and National Numeracy joined forces and the number of people who celebrate this day has increased every year.

National Numeracy Day went viral in 2021 thanks to posts by 'Doctor Who' stars, Premier League footballers, Amazon's Alexa, and parents and teachers who posted videos of children learning about numbers.

FAQs About National Numeracy Day

Why is numeracy so important?

Mathematical concepts are present in every part of our existence. It is used in school, at work, and in everyday life at home and in society. Whether we're buying a bus ticket, calculating our taxes, organizing a vacation, or considering a property, arithmetic will always be involved.

What do educators say about National Numeracy Day?

Educators encourage young adults to learn maths skills from an early age and insist they use maths in daily life.

What are some events similar to National Numeracy Day?

On this day, there are a plethora of free online courses available. By using it, parents can teach their kids to educate themselves on everyday maths.

How do students celebrate National Numeracy Day?

Students get involved in fun activities while learning math at school. Teachers may instill confidence in them so that they can learn more challenging topics,as well as make learning more enjoyable.

What are some advantages of celebrating National Numeracy Day?

Parents can teach children in a fun way how to handle money at a young age by commemorating this day. Children may be learning the value of saving money as well.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 19, 2020 Tuesday
May 19, 2021 Wednesday
May 19, 2022 Thursday
May 19, 2023 Friday
May 19, 2024 Sunday

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