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National Online Learning Day

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Where is National Online Learning Day celebrated?  

 This day is celebrated across the world.

Who is National Online Learning Day celebrated by?

 This is celebrated by people worldwide.

When did National Online Learning Day first start?

 National Online Learning Day was established in 2016.

Who started National Online Learning Day?

 The Registrar of the National Day Calendar declared the commemoration to be held yearly on September 15.

Learners utilize technology to seek education at their convenience.

History And Timeline

In the 1990s, the internet became increasingly popular, and with it came the emergence of online learning. The virtual education tools that were accessible improved as the quality of the internet improved and the number of online students increased, with cameras and audiovisual resources being used more often. The number of K-12 students engaged in online distance learning rose by 65 % between 2002 and 2005. The virtual classroom allowed competent educators to engage with kids in an integrative manner and provide them with instructions or comments.


Getting In Touch

Arpanet, a network that many consider being the forerunner of the internet as we know it, is linked to computers at Stanford and UCLA.



CompuHigh was founded as the world's first online high school.


Online Courses Become Popular

By 2015, it was anticipated that six million learners were enrolled in at least one online course.


The First Gathering

Today is the inaugural National Online Learning Day. Every year on September 15, the day is commemorated.


Covid-19 Outbreak

The global COVID-19 outbreak forced the closure of schools all across the world. This meant that more learners were actively studying online than ever before.

Traditions And Customs

 Online education can help kids hone their skills in this fun learning process, regardless of ability.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Online Learning Day

One of the problems with National Online Learning Day is that many individuals are unaware of their options. The task is to participate while simultaneously spreading the word. Join in on the fun by enrolling in a class, whether it's a small or large commitment. Anyone who has attended an online course can share their experiences and discuss how the course has benefited their lives. The social component of online classes is something that can't be replicated. However, this does not rule out the possibility of interaction. There are online communities for others who are learning the same subjects as you, and some courses even offer chat rooms where you can discuss what you're learning.

 Facts And Stats

  • National Online Learning Day, according to, highlights how students of all ages are benefiting from the capacity to learn online—anywhere, at any time.
  • Online learning courses have grown in popularity year after year in the twenty-first century due to their improved flexibility and simplicity of connection. The post-covid era has made online learning compulsory. This day helps us appreciate this fact and deal with the current situation.
  • A 2006 law in Michigan mandated college students to take an online course to graduate! Celebration of National Online Learning Day is to appreciate all the measures and achievements of the past in this field.

FAQs About National Online Learning Day

When did National Online Learning Day start?

National Online Learning Day, which was established in 2016.

What is the importance of National Online Learning Day?

National Online Learning Day is a day dedicated to highlighting the various ways in which students of all ages learn online. The holiday encourages awareness of online education as well as support for it.

How is National Online Learning Day different from World Computer Literacy Day?

Every year, on December 2, World Computer Literacy Day is commemorated to raise awareness about computers' increasing usage and significance.

How does this day affect people psychologically and emotionally?

This day might be overwhelming for many people, as online learning causes mental pressure.

Do students prefer learning online or in person?

The connection with students and instructors formed via dialogues and simple chat is essential for the college atmosphere. Some students believe that speaking with professors and classmates in the college has an energy that cannot be duplicated via a screen. Whereas, few students feel that remote classrooms are beneficial because they reduce hyperawareness of safety restrictions such as masks and social separation, which take focus away from studying.

What are the benefits of online learning?

Online learning allows teachers to give more efficient lessons to students. Another asset is that it will enable students to attend classes anywhere they choose. Financial costs have been lowered as a result of online learning. Students are less likely to skip lectures because online courses can be taken from home or other locations. The online learning system can be modified in various ways thanks to its many options and resources. It is the most effective method for ensuring that each kid has the optimal learning environment possible.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
September 15, 2020 Tuesday
September 15, 2021 Wednesday
September 15, 2022 Thursday
September 15, 2023 Friday
September 15, 2024 Sunday

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