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National Opposite Day

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Where is National Opposite Day celebrated?  

National Opposite Day is celebrated in the United States of America.

Who is National Opposite Day celebrated by?

Children and grownups who like the type of ridiculousness that National Opposite Day provides celebrate this day.

When did National Opposite Day first start?

The first mention of National Opposite Day goes back to the '20s when President Calvin Coolidge declared that he would not compete for election.

Who started National Opposite Day?

President Calvin Coolidge started the National Opposite Day.

History And Timeline

Experiment with opposing noises. First whisper, then yell. Crying, then laughing is a sort of National Opposite Day celebration.

Although the formal roots of this unofficial holiday are unclear, we understand that it was influenced by an ancient playground activity popular in the twentieth century. The game featured youngsters asking each other ridiculous questions and just reversing the responses to come up with something silly and humorous.


Calvin Coolidge Refuses Run

Some of the first mentions of Opposite Day are concerning then-US President Calvin Coolidge's perplexing comment.


President Eisenhower Establishes Opposite Day

President Eisenhower establishes Opposite Day in response to a request from his granddaughter.


Opposites Attract Released

After 15 years, best-selling novelist Nora Roberts launched her second book, Opposites Attract, where this day celebration is featured.


SpongeBob SquarePants Episode

SpongeBob and his pals decided that everybody should act the opposite of how they normally act in this classic cartoon.


Opposite Day In Theaters

When kids grow up, and adults become children, this comedy starring Billy Unger harnesses its inner Freaky Friday and opposite day concept depicted.

Traditions And Customs

This is a very basic one, but declaring Opposite Day loudly to anybody within earshot is a big custom in Opposite Day culture.

When a National Opposite Day is announced, all instructions take on a new meaning. The focus of this day is to give people a fair chance to understand how the game is played and to prevent them from becoming frustrated when their children do the exact opposite thing of what is desired.

Several cartoons and TV series dedicated an episode to the madness of the day, while others dedicated an episode to the National Opposite Day.

Ways To Celebrate National Opposite Day

You can reverse your attire, walk backward, or speak the reverse of what you intend. Simply inform your friends, coworkers, and family that you will be enjoying the holiday.

Saying 'goodbye to folks every time you welcome them is an excellent way to celebrate National Opposite Day. It's worth it for the look of confusion on their eyes!

Doing Nothing is one of our favorite things to do on this great day! After all, we spend our days rushing about trying to finish various chores, so it's good to get a day when we don't have to do anything.

Facts And Stats

 This day originated as a kid's game, but anybody may join by speaking the exact opposite of what they genuinely mean on Opposite Day. Perhaps we should have breakfast for supper and dinner for breakfast!

This day is a fantastic chance for pranksters of all kinds – from professional pranksters to individuals with a hidden sense of humor – to play practical jokes on others!

January 25, National Opposite Day, is a day of funny celebrations for kids and adults.

FAQs About National Opposite Day

When did Opposite Day start?

According to most sources, National Opposite Day has always been held on January 25; however, some sources claim it is celebrated on January 7.

Is Opposite Day even possible?

The concept of the opposing sense generates a dilemma, which would imply that this day cannot be honored as a National Opposite Day since you must behave in opposition to the norm.

Is there more than one Opposite Day?

Most experts believe that Opposite Day is commemorated on January 25; however, some suggest it is on January 7. Others say that it may be observed on the 25th of each month of the year.

Who started National Opposite Day?

This day's inventor is yet unknown. However, some claimed that President Calvin Coolidge instituted the Day in 1920.

What is unique about National Opposite Day?

Stating the exact reverse of what you mean or doing everything wrong are the features that make the day unique.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
January 25, 2020 Saturday
January 25, 2021 Monday
January 25, 2022 Tuesday
January 25, 2023 Wednesday
January 25, 2024 Thursday

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