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National Parchment Day

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Where is National Parchment Day celebrated?

National Parchment Day is celebrated widely in North America, especially in the United States. However, people worldwide who love to bake use parchment paper in their cooking methods.

Who is National Parchment Day celebrated by?

North American bakers, home cooks, chefs, and food enthusiasts, all celebrate this day with great enthusiasm.

When did National Parchment Day first start?

National Parchment Day was first celebrated in 2016 to recognize and appreciate the utility of parchment in the cooking process. On June 20, 2016, the Registrar of the National Day Calendar proclaimed the last Wednesday of June every year as National Parchment Day.

Who started National Parchment Day?

Back in 2016, PaperChef, a company that provides baking tools and accessories, including parchment paper, founded National Parchment Day to promote cooking methods using parchment paper.

Food wrapped with baking paper retains its taste for a longer period.

History And Timeline

The origin of National Parchment Day is fully credited to PaperChef, founded by Scott Miller and Bill Benson in 2010 to promote parchment paper for cooking. However, the history of parchment paper and its usage can be traced back to many centuries ago.

305 - 383 B.C.

Invention of parchment

It is believed that parchment paper was first invented in Egypt during the Ptolemaic dynasty.


Maintaining the quality of parchment

Chemical ways to maintain the quality of plant-based parchment paper were created.


Predictions of using parchment paper

Predictions by A.W. Hoffman were made about the usage of parchment paper in the kitchen.


Using parchment in deliveries

The usage of parchment paper for storage and delivery was mentioned by the 'Kansas Farmer'.


PaperChef Founded

PaperChef, from Scott Miller and Bill Benson started promoting parchment paper for cooking.

Traditions And Customs

While the usage of parchment paper in cooking has been a long-going French tradition, it became an essential part of the North American food culture as its benefits rose in 2016. As a part of the French tradition, parchment is called 'en papillote'. It involves covering dishes with parchment paper.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Parchment Day

To observe or celebrate Parchment Day on the last Wednesday of June, you can try recipes that require you to use parchment paper. If you have never used parchment paper before, recipes online can help guide you. Parchment can be used to line baking dishes, pans, bread baskets, and cookie sheets or for baking pizza dough, cakes, and cookies. If you and your friends or family know how to use parchment paper, then you can also have fun cooking competitions using the paper.

Facts And Stats

This year on June 29, we also celebrate National Camera Day, International Mud Day, and National Waffle Iron Day.

National Parchment Day celebrates facts like how parchment paper is 100% biodegradable.

The hashtag for National Parchment Day is not very famous on social media.

FAQs About National Parchment Day

How do families celebrate National Parchment Day?

Families can celebrate National Parchment Day by cooking or baking dishes that involve parchment.

What are some of the advantages of National Parchment Day?

Observing National Parchment Day helps the masses recognize and appreciate the benefits of using parchment paper in the kitchen.

What are the barriers to celebrating National Parchment Day?

There are no such barriers to celebrating National Parchment Day. If you wish to cook something using parchment but don't know how you can always learn through recipes and instructions available on the internet.

What are some reasons for celebrating National Parchment Day?

This day marks the origins of parchment paper and its efficiency, making it a great day for culinary enthusiasts to celebrate.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
June 24, 2020 Wednesday
June 30, 2021 Wednesday
June 29, 2022 Wednesday
June 28, 2023 Wednesday
June 26, 2024 Wednesday

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